Managing Committee

President : Jb. P.K. Ahamed
Vice President : Jb. K.Kunhalavi
Secretary : Jb. K.V. Kunhammed Koya
Joint Secretary : Jb. C.P. Kunhimohamed
Treasurer : Jb. K. Faisal Rahman
Manager : Adv. M. Mohammed
Member : Jb. P.V. Hassan Haji
Member : Jb. S.A.R. Jifri
Member : Jb. N.K.Mohamed Ali
Member : Dr. K. Ali Faizal
Ex-officio Member : Prof. E.P Imbichikoya (Principal)

The managing committee of the college has always been very keen and active in giving the Farook college movement its vigor and onward thrust. From the very day it was constituted, the committee has all along shown rare dedication and commitment to the great cause.
The following were the founder members of the farook college Managing Committee:
First Committee

President : Khan Bahadur V.K. Unnikkammoo Sahib
Vice President : Khan Bahadur P.M. Attakkoya Thangal
Secretary : K.M. Seethi Sahib B.A., B.L.
Joint Secretary : Janab P.I. Kunhahammad Kutty Hajee
Treasurer : K. Ismail Sahib
Members :
  • A.K. Kader Kutty Sahib
  • Moulavi Abussaah Ahmedali Sahib, M.A., (AL Azhar)
  • Later the Madras Universiity nominated Dr. M. Abul Haq, M.A., D.Phil. as its representative on the Committee.
  • Janab C.M. Syed Mohideen Shah M.A., L.T. became ex-officio member on his appointement as principal.

The subsequent changes in the Managing Committee are tabled below…


Date Name Nominated/ Elected as in the place of
31-12-1950 Jb. P.P. Hassan Koya Treasurer K. Ismail Sahib(Passed away, 5-12- 1949)
1-08-1954 Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty Vice-President Khan Bahadur P.M.Attakoya Thangal (Passed away, 10-07- 1954)
1-08-1954 Adv. M.V. Hydross Member Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty(Nominated Vice- President)
12-12-1954 Jb. A.K. Kunhimayin Haji President Khan Bahadur V.K.Unnikkammoo Sahib ( Passed away, 18-11-1954)
1954 Jb. M. Mohammed Ghani M.A,LT Madras University nominee Dr. Abdul Haq
16-9-1955 Prof. N.V. Beeran(Prof. in-charge) Ex-Officio Member Jb. Syed Mohideen Shah Principal (Reverted to Govt. Service)
5-5-1957 Prof. K.A. Jaleel (Principal) -do- Prof. N.V. Beeran
5-5-1957 Prof. N.V. Beeran Madras University nominee ceased to be a member with the change of affliation to Kerala University Nominated Member New Post
May, 1961 Jb. P.I. Kunhahammed Kutty Hajee Secretary K.M. Seethi Sahib Passed away, 17-4- 1961)
May,1961 Adv. M.V. Hydross Sahib Joint Secretary Jb. P.I. KunhahamedKutty Hajee(Nominated -Secretary)
May, 1961 Jb. K. Avarankutty Hajee Member Adv. M.V. Hydross Sahib (Nominated – Jt.Secretary)
05-07-1966 Jb. S.A. Jifri Treasurer Jb. P.P. Hassan Koya(Relinquished Membership)
02-09-1967 Jb. A.Abdul Kader Hajee Member
02-09-1967 Jb. Syed Ummer Bafaky Thangal Member
April 1968 Jb. S.A. Jifri Secretary P.I. Kunhahammad KuttyHajee (Passed away 2-4-1968)
April 1968 Jb. S. Umbichi Koya Hajee Treasurer Jb. S.A. Jifri (Nominated – Secretary)
08-10-1971 Jb. K.S. Abdulla Member Moulavi AbussabahAhamedali Sahib (Passed Away, 10-9- 1971)
04-02-1972 Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty President Jb. K. KunhiMayan Haji(Passed away, 31-1- 1972)
04-02-1972 Jb. A. Abdul Kader Haji Vice President Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty(Nominated – President)
04-02-1972 Dr. M.K. Mohammed Koya Member Jb. A. Abdul Kader Hajee (Nominated -Vice President)
24-8-1972 Jb. S. Umbichikoya Haji Joint Secretary Adv. M.V. Hydross Sahib (Passed away 5-7-72)
24-8-1972 Jb. C.P. Kunhamed Member Jb. S. Umbichikoya Haji (Nominated -Jt. Secretary)
26-03-1973 Jb. K.V. Kunhahammed Koya Member Jb. C.P. Kunhamed (Passed away 14-2-73)
06-03-1974 Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty Member Jb. K. Avarankutty Hajee (Passed away 9-1-74)
11-05-1974 Jb. S. Ismail Member Jb. Syed Ummer Bafaky Thangal (Relinquished)
11-05-1974 Jb. K.V. Koyassan Koya Hajee Member Jb. K.S. Abdulla (Relinquished)
28-05-1976 Prof. V. Muhamed Nominated Member
29-05-1979 Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty Joint Secretary S. Umbichi Koya Haji (Relinquished)
06-09-1979 Prof. V. Muhamed (Principal) Ex-Officio Member Prof. K.A. Jaleel (Appointed -Vice-Chancellor)
06-09-1979 Prof. N.V. Beeran Nominated member Prof. V. Muhamed (Principal)
17-09-1979 Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty Secretary Jb. S. Jifri (Relinquished, Secretary)
17-09-1979 Jb. K.V. Kunhamed Koya Joint Secretary Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty & Manager (Nominated – Secretary and the new post of Manager created)
25-07-1981 Dr. M.K. Mohamad Koya Treasurer Jb. S. Umbichikoya Haji (Passed away 21-6-81)
25-07-1981 Jb. P.P. Aboobacker Koya Member Dr. M.K. Mohamed Koya (Nominated-Treasurer)
12-10-1983 Prof. U. Mohamed (Principal) Ex Officio Member Prof. V. Muhamed (Retired 31-3-83)
12-10-1983 Prof. A.P. Abdurahiman Nominated Member Prof. N.V. Beeran (Retired)
09-11-1985 Jb. S.A. Jifri Vice President Jb.A.Abdul Kader Haji (Passed away 27-10-1985)
09-11-1985 Adv. M. Mohamed Member Jb. S.A. Jifri (Nominated Vice President)
02-05-1986 Adv. M. Mohamed Joint Secretary Jb. K.V. Kunhamed Koya (Relinquished- Jt. Secretary)
04-06-1988 Dr. T.K. Mohamed (Principal) Ex-Officio Member Prof. U. Mohammed (Retired 31-3-1988)
01-06-1989 Prof. V.V. Kunhabdulla (Principal) Ex-Officio Member Dr. T.K. Mohammed (cancellation of deputation 31-5-1989)
26-08-1990 Prof. M. Mohammed Nominated Member Prof. A.P. Abdurahiman (Retired)
24-05-1993 Prof. P. Mammu Nominated Member Prof. M. Mohammed (Retired)
01-04-1996 Dr.P.M. Mubarak Pasha (Principal) Ex-Officio Member Prof. V.V. Kunhabdulla (Retired on 31-3-1996)
02-07-1997 Jb. K.V. Koyassan Koya Hajee Treasurer Dr. M.K. Mohammed Koya(Passed away 27-6-1997)
02-07-1997 Jb. V. Pakku Haji Member Jb. K.V. Koyassan Koya Haji(Nominated-Treasurer)
16-09-1997 Jb. S. Ismail Vice President Jb. S.A. Jifri(Passed away 23-8-97)
16-09-1997 Jb. A. Abdurahiman Member Jb. S. Ismail(Nominated-Vice-President)
19-01-2001 Jb. K. Kunhimohamed Haji(Manu Haji) Member Jb. V. Pakku Haji (Passed away 28-9-2001)
23-02-2001 Jb. A. Abdurahiman President Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty(Passed away 14-02-2001)
23-02-2001 Jb. P.V. Hassan Haji Member Jb. A. Abdurahiman(Nominated – President)
20-04-2001 Jb. K. Kunhalavi Member Jb. K. Kunhim o hamed Haji (Passed away 12- 4-2001)
31-05-2003 Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty President Jb. A. Abdurahiman(Relinquished – President)
31-05-2003 Jb. K.V. Kunhammed Koya Secretary Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty(Nominated – President)
31-05-2003 Jb. Adv. M. Mohamed Manager Jb. K.V. Kunhamed Koya(Nominated – Secretary)
31-05-2003 Jb. K. Kunhalavi Jt. Secretary Jb. Adv. M. Mohamed(Nominated – Manager)
31-05-2003 Jb. P.K. Ahamed Member Jb. P.P. Aboobacker Koya(Relinquished-Membership)
31-05-2003 Jb. A. Abdurahiman Member Jb. K. Kunhalavi (Nominated – Jt. Secretary)
09-07-2004 Prof. A. Kuttialikutty(Principal) Ex-Officio Member Dr. P.M. Mubarak Pasha(Appointed – DCDC, Uty. of Calicut)
31-05-2005 Jb. K. Faizal Rahman Jt. Secretary Jb. K. Kunhalavi (Nominated – Secretary Farook Training College)
20-04-2006 Jb. C.P. Kunhimohamed Member Jb. A. Abdurahiman(Relinquished-Membership)
19-05-2006 Jb.S. Ismail President Jb. K.C. Hassan Kutty(Passed away 9-5-2006)
19-05-2006 Jb. P.K. Ahamed Vice-President Jb. S. Ismail(Nominated -President)
19-05-2006 Jb. K.A. HassanKutty Member Jb. P.K. Ahamed (Nominated-Vice President)
29-8-2006 Jb. K.A. Hassan Kutty Treasurer Jb. K.V. Koyassan Koya Haji (Passed away 10-8-2006)
29-08-2006 Jb. S.A.R. Jifri Member Jb. K.A. Hassan Kutty(Nominated-Treasurer)