Department of Botany – Academic activities

Talks in All India Radio (AIR)

Dr. K. KISHORE KUMAR delivered the following talks in ALL INDIA RADIO (AIR), Kozhikode & Kannur, Kerala:

  1. Western Ghats – Origin & Biogeography (broadcasted on 06th March 2014 by AIR, Kozhikode).
  2. Western Ghats –Biodiversity and Conservation (broadcasted on 15th March 2014 by AIR, Kozhikode).
  3. Mangrove forests and their conservational importance (broadcasted on 21st February 2015 by AIR, Kozhikode).
  4. Community Reserves and Conservation Reserves – What & Why? (broad casted on 19th September 2015 by AIR, Kozhikode).
  5. Population explosion and its consequences in Biodiversity Conservation (broad casted on 11 July 2015 by AIR, Kannur).
  6. National Parks (broad casted on 28th May 2016 by AIR, Kozhikode).

Paper Presentations In National Seminars (during the last 6 years only)

Dr. Kishore Kumar K. 21 nos.

Anjana S. 05 nos

Public Awareness Seminars/ Classes Conducted  (during the last 6 years only)


Dr. Kishore Kumar K. 126 nos.

(at various Universities, Research organizations, Protected areas, Colleges, Schools and several other venues such as DIET, Block Resource Centres, Nature clubs, Libraries,  etc.)