Department of Botany – Faculty Achievements


2015 – 16

  1. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar  has been awarded Research Guideship in Botany in 2015, under University of Calicut, with Malabar Botanical Garden & Institute of Plant Sciences (MBGIPS), Kozhikode as Research Centre.

2016 – 17

  1. Ms. Anjana S., Assistant Professor, Department of Botany was awarded PhD. in Botany from University of Calicut on the topic ‘Cytological, phytochemical, pharmacological and in vitro regeneration studies on Pogostemon deccanensis (Panigrahi) Press (Lamiaceae).

2017 – 18

  1. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar, received the Vocational Excellency Award from the Calicut Rotary Club – East on 31/10/2017, in appreciation for his remarkable contributions towards science and education.
  2. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar qualified Post Graduate Diploma in Ethno-Pharmacology (PGDEP) from Kerala Agricultural & Veterinary University, Mannuthy, Thrissur, during July 2017.
  3. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar qualified NPTEL online Certificate on Developing Soft Skills & Personality from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur with an Elite Tag during August 2017.
  4. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar was selected as a Member of the P.G. Board of Studies in Plantation Botany of University of Calicut