College Rules

1. Class timing will be from 9am to 4 pm: Students must be present in all their classes.

2. College prayer: During the time of college prayer all should stand in perfect silence and devotion.

3. Students should not engage themselves in actions that are offensive to good taste and are dis-service to succeeding generations of students.

4. Students should carry their identity card and produce it on demand by the authorities.

5. Possession and use of tobaco, panparag, drugs, liquor and such other intoxicating items are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

6. Mobile phones are strictly banned on the campus. In the event of violation, the phones will be confiscated and heavy fine levied.

7. Any act, in any form, against a new entrant of the college, will be treated as Ragging and the accused will be made liable for punishment as per the Indian Penal Code. Ragging of any form is a non-bailable offence and requires criminal procedure.

If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, severe action will be taken against such students if they fail to give satisfactory explanation and the matter will be forwarded to the police for further action under criminal procedure. They will be forbidden from pursuing their studies in any other institution for five years.

8. No one shall distribute or circulate any notice, Pamphlet, Leaflet etc. at the gate of the campus or within the campus and shall not exhibit any type of banner, flag, poster etc without the prior permission from the Principal.

9. All are strictly prohibited from participating in any agitation, strike, dharna, gherao and in such activities which will disturb the classes or endanger the peaceful atmosphere of the college campus.

10. Students guilty of going over to other colleges or institutions to take part in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations or strikes will be deemed especially culpable and will be punished accordingly.

11. Outsiders are not permitted to attend or organise any programme or activity without the permission of the principal or Head of the Departments. No student shall invite or entertain such outsiders. Entry for media persons is allowed only with the prior permission from the Principal.

12. The Principal will have the power to inflict the following punishments: suspension, compulsory issue of T.C. and expulsion.

13. Conduct certificate will not be issued as a matter of course. It has to be earned by the students’ good conduct.

14. The Principal’s decision will be final regarding the issue of conduct certificate. Promotion to a higher class, selection for University examinations and issue of progress, attendance or conduct certificates are matters absolutely within the discretion of the Principal and no appeal shall be presented against the Principal’s decision to any other authority.

15. The Principal will have the right to issue Transfer Certificate to a student admitted to the College without an application from the student or the guardian at any time during the course of his / her study in the college without assigning any specific reason.

16. The Principal or other duly constituted college or hostel authorities may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct of students within and outside the College and the Hostel premises with a view to maintaining the credit and reputation of the college and the hostels.

17. Students should desist from disfiguring the classrooms, compound walls and buildings on the college campus by pasting posters or writing on them. They should also desist from disfiguring the compound walls of neighbouring buildings.

18. Organizational Activities of the student: As per the judgement of the Honourable high court of Kerala, the syndicate of the university has pernitted the Management to control the organizational activities of student organizations directly or 45 through their members on the campus.

19. Students who are charged with criminal offences and are under suspension will not be allowed to enter the campus without permission.

20. No meeting, procession, entertainment or celebration should be organised or no fund should be collected in the college or the hostels without the permission of the Principal. Processions for any cause is strictly prohibited during class hours.

21. Students should not go outside the college during class hours. In the event of unavoidable necessity they should seek special permission of the Principal / Head of the Departments.

22. All expressions or activities which are immoral, antisocial, communal and antinational are strictly prohibited in the college.

23. Students should be neat, tidy and modest in dressing and personal appearance. Boys should not wear jeans and T shirts.

24. Girls should avoid dress with low neck, short and sleeveless blouse, miniskirts, jeans, tight/short tops with slit or transparent clothing.

25. The certificate of attendance to appear for the end semester Examination will not be issued unless the Principal is convinced that the student’s conduct and progress have been satisfactory and the student has secured 75 % of attendance in the semester. Students may also note that unless they register for the Examination they will not be eligible for promotion to higher classes.

26. The Principal reserves the right to take punitary measures which include suspension/dismissal from the college/hostel, compulsory issue of TC, denial of edusupport imposing of fine, refusal of permission to apply for examination and forwarding of the complaint to the police.

27. The Principal shall be the final authority in interpretation of the college rules. Matters not covered by these rules are left to the discretion of the Principal and his decisions shall be final.


Students are expected to attend classes every day. However, if there are genuine reasons like ill-health, students can avail themselves of leave [in the prescribed format given] after obtaining permission from the teachers, advisor and HOD.

1) Attendance of students is marked in a register by teachers for every hour.

2) If a student is absent for one hour in a day, he/she will be marked absent for that period.

3) Attendance for every month will be displayed by the f i r s t week of the following month. Students must check the attendance, and discrepancy, if any, should be brought to the notice of the teacher concerned and corrected within two working days.

4) The University Grants Commission (UGC) has mandated a minimum of 75% attendance in each paper to be eligible to apply for the Semester End Examination (SEE). College will strictly adhere to the norm as stipulated by the UGC.

5) After the final attendance figure is displayed on the notice board / web site at the end of each semester, no request for correction of attendance will be entertained.

Attendance for extra/co-curricular Activities:

6) Students who represent the college in Sports, NCC, NSS and other extra and co-curricular activities should obtain prior permission from the Advisor. The request should be forwarded through the Coordinators in-charge of the respective activities. On completion of activities, within two working days the student should, submit the attendance certificate to the Advisor with the recommendation of the coordinator.

7) On fifth working day of every month Department Level Monitoring Cell DMC (head of the department, advisor and one senior faculty member) shall verify the leave letters of previous month and prepare verification Students Attendance Report (SAR) in the prescribed format to be forwarded to the Principal/the official authorised

8) At the end of the Semester, the College Level Monitoring Cell (CMC) will finalise the report.


a) If the shortage of attendance is beyond the condonation limit, such candidates must repeat the programme for making up the shortage to 4b8ecome eligible for the APC and then register for the exam along with the junior batch.

b) Condonation application should be forwarded to the principal through HOD not later than 2 weeks before the commencement of exam. There will be fine for late submission of condonation application. Condonation will not be granted for more than once in an academic year for any programme of study.

Condonation is ordinarily granted on compliance of the following conditions:

1. The prescribed fee has been paid.

2. The application is recommended and forwarded by

the Principal/ Head of Departments concerned.

3. The reasons given for failure to obtain the prescribed attendance are satisfactory.
Application for condonation shall be attached with an explanatory statement for each day of absence. A medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner is required, if the absence is due to illness, which exceeds 5 working days at a time. The HOD also has to state that timely application was made by the candidate for leave and leave was granted in time. Normal condonation limit for semester courses is 10% of class days of the semester. Condonation of attendance will be granted twice during the entire course subject to a maximum of 20% together. Shortage of attendance up to a maximum of 20% will be granted only on genuine medical grounds.

10) Attendance for participation in union activities and regular practice of sports, games, cultural activities etc. will only be given with the special permission of the principal.

11) A maximum of only 5 theory classes and one lab per paper per semester is permitted for a student as other duty attendance. However, specific cases which are likely to exceed this maximum will have to be referred to the Principal well in advance for his special permission.


1) Students should apply for leave only in the prescribed form

2) If a student is absent for three classes in a subject/ paper, he/ she may attend the next class of that subject/ paper only after getting an admit slip from the advisor.

3) If a student is absent for more than 3 classes, he/she must get the admit slip from the HOD to attend the classes.

4) If a student fails to obtain 75% attendance in any month in any subject he/she will be required to report to DMC with parents.

5) The name of the student will be removed’ from the rolls if he/ she is absent continuously for 10 working days without leave application.

6 ) Cases of prolonged or serious illness, hospitalization or long period of rest on medical ground must be reported to the Principal and the HOD as early as possible.

7 ) L e a v e application of hostel residents shall be forwarded by the warden concerned.

Maternity leave to the students is granted on the following conditions :

8) Maternity leave will be granted only once during the entire programme/course.

9) Condonation/ other leave or absence shall not be clubbed with maternity leave during the programme.

10) The student shall register for the examination after compensating the leave availed, with the junior batch, if other conditions stipulated in the regulations of the course are fulfilled.

11) The student will be permitted to join the junior batch, considering it as an additional seat.