Committee against Sexual Harassment

As per the directions from UGC, Farook College  has developed a Committee against sexual harassment during the academic year 2015-16.. There is nine member committee constituted to consider and redress complaints of Sexual harassment.

Members of the committee are:

  • Principal, Chairman (0495 2440660, 2440661)
  • P.T.A. Vice President, Vice-Chairman (Phone: )
  • K. Nisha, Head, Dept. of Psychology, Convener (Phone: 7293181408)
  • Dr. Lakshmi Pradeep, Associate Professor, Dept. of Journalism, Member (Phone: 9847833840)
  • Dr. S.V. Abdul Hameed, Convener, Discipline Committee, Member
    (Phone: 9645681816)
  • Jasmine .K.H, Dept. of Commerce, Member.
  • Dr. Haritha N. Haridas, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Statistics, Member (Phone: 9387695869)
  • Dr. P. Abdul Majeed, Administrative Assistant, Member
    (Phone: 9446886163)
  • Vice-Chairman, Students’ Union

Sexual harassment would mean and include any of the following:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests or demand for sexual favours.
  • Advances which the other individual feels sexual advances involving verbal,  non verbal, or physical conduct such as sexually coloured remarks, jokes, letters, phone calls, SMS, e-mail, gestures, showing of pornography, lurid stares, physical contact or molestation, stalking, sounds, display of pictures, signs, verbal or non-verbal communication which offends the individuals sensibilities and affect her/his performance;
  • Teasing, innuendos and taunts, physical confinement against one’s will and likely to intrude upon one’s privacy; act or conduct by staff which creates the environment at workplace hostile or intimidating to a person belonging to the other sex.


Any student, teacher or staff who feels and is being sexually harassed directly or indirectly may submit a complaint of the alleged incident to any member of the Committee in writing with his/her signature within a week of occurrence of incident. The Committee will maintain a register to endorse the complaint received by it and keep the contents confidential, if it is so desired, except to use the same for discreet investigation. The Committee will hold a meeting with the Complainant within five days of the receipt of the complaint, but no later than a week in any case. At the first meeting, the Committee members shall hear the Complainant and record her/his allegations. The Complainant can also submit any corroborative material with a documentary proof, oral or written material, etc.. to substantiate his / her complaint. If the Complainant does not wish to depose personally due to embarrassment of narration of event, a lady officer for lady employees involved and a male officer for male employees involved shall meet and record the statement. Thereafter, the person against whom complaint is made may be called for a deposition before the Committee and an opportunit y will be given to him / her to give an explanation, where after, an ‘Enquiry” shall be conducted and concluded. In the event, the complaint does not fall under the purview of Sexual Harassment or the complaint does not mean an offence of Sexual Harassment, the same would be dropped after recording the reasons thereof. In case the complaint is found to be false, the Complainant shall, if deemed fit, be liable for appropriate disciplinary action by the Management.