Computer Club

Bitz – Creating Future

Bitz – Computer Club of Farook College aims to sharpen the views and ideas of the students in various fields of information technology. This club gives an opportunity to familiarize new innovations and trends of industry.

Bitz was inaugurated on 14th August 2007 by Mr. K Abdu (Chief Coordinator, Madhyamam Computer Club). The club is conducting very educative and informative seminars and discussions on various emerging fields of information and communication technology which helps to lessen the gap between class rooms and industry.

Milestones (2007- 08)

  • A talk on ‘Information System- Today and Tomorrow’ by Mr. V K Abdu (Chief Coordinator, Madhyamam Computer Club)

  • Seminar on ‘Open source Operating System LINUX’ by Dhishna Computer Learning Centre.

  • Talk on ‘Modern Trends in Communication Systems and GPS’ by Mr. Haniza Achumukkal (Managing Director, Bitco and Bridco, Kolkatta)

  • Seminar on ‘Animation and V-Fx sectors behind Block Bluster Movies’ by Mr. Philip (Director General, Image Calicut)