Consultancy Services

The departments and faculty give free consultancy services in various areas. The department of Statistics has been doing consultancy service to the Coconut Development Board, Ministry of Agriculture, and Govt. of India since 2012-13.

The extension activities of the College truly reflect the concern of the institution for the people around. The students and the teachers with their knowhow move beyond the academics to serve the society outside. New linkages have been developed through extension activities. The college offers two kinds of extension activities; the extension Research and the extension programmes.

The research activities under CPE assistance generally target useful knowledge production for community. The Pollution studies of the department of chemistry, the Bio-geographic survey of the river Chaliyar by the department of Zoology and research on the creativity of the visually challenged extended knowhow to serve the community outside. The Centre for Assistive Technology is also intended to support visually impaired persons within and outside the campus. The extension activities of the NCC, NSS, Health Centre, Pain and Palliative Clinic and Childline, include health and hygiene classes, medical camps and blood donation camps. Many of them are done in collaboration with NGOs, local and the governmental bodies.