Department of Economics


The Department of Economics is one of the oldest and main constituent departments of the Farook College, established in 1948 and turned postgraduate in 1984. It offers courses on B.A and M.A. in Economics, and it attracts the largest number of students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Since its inception, the department has been committed towards promoting high quality and relevance Teaching. During the last 60 years, the Department has carved out a niche in the Economics and many of its alumni have distinguished themselves in both academic and administrative spheres in national and international level.

The Department has 7 faculty members and strength of the department is in our faculty with a wide range of specialties in economics. All faculty members in the Department are well-respected authors and scholars, and all are active in teaching, research and professional service.

Teaching & learning at the department are focused on proper blending of ‘excellence’ and ‘relevance’. We provide a balanced approach focused on both theoratical as well as applied Economics. The rigor and flexibility of our programs not only prepare students to embark on challenging careers upon graduation, but to pursue advanced degrees in their areas of interests.

The Department of Economics is the hub of a number of academic and co-curricular activities. National scholars are invited to for talks and seminars. The department has organised numerous prestigious academic conferences and workshops.



Year Established


Programmes Offered

BA Economics

MA Economics

Head of the Department

P Muhammad Rasheed

Assistant Professor

Ph: 0466 2289971

Mob: 9496351997