Department of Psychology (SF) – Students’ Publications and Presentations

Publications of Students (last two years)

  • Dhaniya & Haris, F. (2018). Video Game and Aggressive Behavior; a Qualitative Perspective among Adolescent Boys. IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Review. Vol. 6. (2). ISSN- 2347- 3797. (UGC Journal Serial No. 41948).

  • Haya, A & Haris, F. (2018). Parental Stress and Coping Strategies among Parents of Autistic Children. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing. ISSN- 2229- 5356. (UGC Journal Serial No. 42787).

  • Fidha, A & Haris, F. (2018). Emotional Intelligence of College Students among Joint and Nuclear Family. International Journal of Academic Research and Development. Vol. 3. (2), 1115-1119. ISSN- 2455- 4197. (UGC Journal Serial No. 48808).

  • Haris, F., Zuhara, F., Rinsha, V. P., Keerthana, V. P., Mohan, A., Sameeha, S. & Leeshma, P. (2018). Perceived Meaning and Relevance of Friendship; a Qualitative perspective among College Students. Research Guru; Online Journal of Multidisciplinary Subjects. Vol. 11. (4) 224-235. ISSN- 2349-266X. (UGC Journal Serial No. 63726).

Presentations of Students (last two years)

  • On ‘Perceived Meaning and Relevance of Friendship; a Qualitative perspective among College Students’ at the Conference of Psycho Carnival, organized by the Dept. of Psychology, LISSAH College, Kaithapoyil, Kozhikode on 6 & 7th December 2016.

Presenters: Fathima Zuhara, Rinsha V P, Keerthana V P, Aiswarya Mohan, Sana Sameeha (Students of 2nd year B. Sc. Psychology).

Supervised by: Mr. Farah Haris & Leeshma P.

  • On ‘Perceived Marital Power and Marital Satisfaction: An Exploratory Study’ at the Three Day National Seminar on Psychology; What is? & What is Not?, organized by the Dept. of Psychology, University of Calicut, Thenjipalam on 1-3 March 2018.

Presenter: Shurouq M. (2nd year M. Sc. Psychology).

Supervised by: Ms. Pragila V. M.

Other Achievement

Misla Nasarin K. P. (Student of M. Sc.) got chance to present her Research on “Faith Healing among Clients; a Qualitative perspective” at 21st World Congress on Psychology and Behavioural Science at San Antonio, USA on November 14 & 15, 2018.