Department of Sociology – Activities – 2017 – 18

Farook College Bags the Sister Mary Cecelie Award for the best Sociology Department for the Third Time in Succession

Department of Sociology Bags Mary Sisli Award Third Time in Succession - Dec 2017Department of Sociology hit a hatric in winning the Mary Cecelie award for the best Sociology Department in the state. Having won the award for the past twenty times the department only left hold off it once, which was in 2014. The award is based on the efficiency of both students and teachers in academics, department activities, seminars, research papers, workshops, discussions and field studies conducted. The talented approach being followed by the department in its activities is the primary reason for its upheaval. In the state level inter college debate competition on ‘The Negative Impact of Social Media Among Youth’, Suhadath (3rd year) and Meera Manoharan (2nd year) won the first prize. Two of the students have presented papers in Annual National Conference on the topics ‘Science in Society; Religious and Cultural Impact’, The Influence of Advertisement on Kerala Culture’. Professor M. Shilujas, one of the faculties of Farook college Sociology department, also chaired the paper presentation on ‘Social Movement and Counter Culture’.


One Day State Level Seminar on ‘Democracy and Statesmanship of Tribal Youth; A Social Reading of Outcastes’ (December 4, 2017)

Department of Sociology - Workshop - 5 Dec 2017- Press News (2)On December 4, 2017 a one day state level seminar on Democracy and Statesmanship of Tribal Youth; A Social Reading of Outcastes was conducted. It was inaugurated by Mr. SiriJagan, retired Kerala High Court Chief Justice. HOD of the Malayalam department K. Nazeer handed over the presentation prepared by the students after an Attapadi visit to Sir SiriJagan. Prof. Shilujas presided over the seminar and another faculty MuhammedShareef C.K did a talk. In the second session the keynote address was given by a prominent Adivasi activist M. Geethanandan. He opined that the dignitaries who handle development and education should be aware of social background of the Adivasis. He questioned the backwardness of Adivasis, even when they are provided with facilities and concessions. In the third session with the participation of M. Geethanandan, SanthoshKumar(journalist) and Ramachandran(student, Govt. Law college, Ernakulam) a panel discussion was done on the paper presented on the Attappadi visit of the students.

Minor Research Project Sponsored by the Kerala State Youth Commission for a Field Study in the Tribal Area of Attapadi, Palakkad District

 Sociology department students along with the Kerala State Youth Commission conducted a field study in the tribal area of Attapadi,Palakkad district. The field work was aimed at bringing out the problems of tribal youth and to come up with novel methods for empowering them. Apart from the scientific research methods, students were more passionate towards more humanitarian part of social science research methods while interacting with the tribal people. The study was conducted under the leadership of final year student Dinu .K under the proper guidance of department faculties Prof. M. Shilujas and MuhammedShareef C.K. The study was funded by State Youth Commission with an ample amount of Rs. 25,000. Later the report was handed over to the State Youth Commission for further scrutiny and procedures. Along with this, the department of Sociology also conducted a one day seminar wherein the HOD of Malayalam department K. Nazeer released the report by handing over to Retd. Justice SiriJagan. A panel led by eminent tribal activist M. Geethanandan analyzed the report and laid out steps for further development.


Talk by Mr Jignesh Mevani (28/08/2017)

Jignesh Mevani - Visits Farook College - 28 July 2017 (1)On August 28, 2017 the Department of Sociology conducted a talk on Uprising of the Marginalized Indian Youth. The session was marveled with the auspicious presence of Una Struggle Leader and Dalit Activist Mr Jignesh Mewani. Mewani opined that inter caste marriages are catalytic in transferring cultural traits and features among various caste groups. “The lives of Dalit communities are so deplorable in several states who boast about efficiency in infrastructure development and bureaucracy”, said Mewani. Department faculty Prof. M. Shiliuajas rendered the welcome speech. Prof. T.Muhammed Ali (Principal in charge, Farook College)  presided over the function. Muhammed Shareef C.K. (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology) felicitated the function. Jignesh Mewani shook the young minds with his powerful words.

“The reason behind caste based atrocities should be sought out”.

“In India, Dalit women are sexually assaulted even worse than the Nirbhaya case”.

“In this incredible India, around two people are killed on a daily basis just because they are Dalit”.

“Annihilation of caste must be the primary focus of Dalit thoughts”.

He also opined that, “In order to understand the gravity of caste based issues there should be an integrated approach studying about caste and class hand in hand”.

Talk by Mr Sunny M Kappikkadu (16/11/2017)

Department of Sociology - Talk by Sunny Kappikad - 16 Nov 2017(2)On November 16, 2017 Department of Sociology hosted a session by Mr Sunny M Kappikkadu, Eminent Dalit – social activist and writer, on the topic ‘People and Democracy’. Today the tentacles of casteism have outstretched to almost all walks of society’, said Mr. Kappikkadu. He also argued that a society which hesitates to express their caste feelings, explicit or implicit, worship such heinous thoughts in their mind. Sociology department head Prof. M. Shilujas and faculty Muhammed Shareef C.K were present on the dais. He argued that, ‘Even though history is the memory of a society it isn’t just n unforgotten past, but something which lives along with us.’

‘Keralites gained 100% literacy through a long history of struggle and fight for social honor’.

‘Universities should act as a space which mould up democracy’.

He also pointed out that democracy is a lifestyle rather than a bureaucratic system. Similarly, justice isn’t something that is provided naturally, and can be ensured only through efficient reservation policies. Later, an interactive session was held wherein he answered the questions and doubts raised by students.

Talk by Mr Prof. Caroline Osella (22/11/2017)

Department of Sociology - Acadamic Interaction - 22 November 2017(1)On November 22, 2017 Department of Sociology hosted an interactive session with Caroline Osella, eminent Sociologist and Anthropologist, and a faculty of the most prestigious London University. The topic of discussion was based on the issue of ‘Gulf migration and Gendered relationships’. Osella claimed that Gulf migration holds an important role in the attainment of financial self sufficiency and improvement in educational facilities for Malabar women. Sociology department head Prof. M. Shilujas, faculties MuhammedShareef C.K, Thalha Hussein and P. Adeeba were present on the dais. It us because of the migration of family men to Gulf, women were able to take hold of family responsibilities and decision making power. ‘The social norms which undergo evolution through ages influences and structures the daily life of mankind’, said Osella.


Talk by MX.Vijayaraja Mallika Sella (20/08/2017)

On August 20, 2017 Sociology Department conducted an interactive session for students with the first transgender poet of Kerala Vijayaraja Mallika on the topic ‘Breaking stereotypes – Trans Identities’. Mallika brought out the issues faced by transgender community in our society and explained their never ending struggle for survival. The session was presided by department head M. Shilujas. While interacting with students, Mallika said that for the last 35 years her soul was trapped in her own body, which is no longer her body. And now, she’s come out of it and tasted the addictive nectar of freedom and euphoria.

 Talk by Ms Nargees, Social Activist

Ms Nargees is a woman who proved social service is as divine as serving God through her life. The department has aimed at nurturing service mentality within the young minds. The programme was a success with the whole hearted dedication of Sociology Association Secretary Abdul Muhaimin, Association Joint Secretary SidrathulMunthaha and Sociology department faculty Thalha Hussein. Nargees stands for students who for some or the other reasons could not complete their studies.

Akasha Paravakal – Old Age Home Visit (22/08/2017)

On August 22, 2017 Sociology department visited AkashaParavakal. Students prepared food for the inhabitants entertained them with cultural programs as well. Students were accompanied by teacher Muhammed Shareef C.K in visiting the inhabitants including aged and diseased.

Short Film Festival (04/03/2017)

On March 4, 2017 Sociology department conducted a film fest “Maaruvin Sadhairyam” (Move along with Might) in accordance with the International Women’s Day celebration. The program was conducted in union with District Child Welfare unit. Prominent forensic surgeon and writer Dr. Sherli Vasu inaugurated the fest. District Child Protection officer rendered the welcome speech. Honorable Principal E.P Imbichikoya presided over the function and Prof. BadhariyaBeegum, HOD of Sociology felicitated the function. Later on short films- Womens us, Komal, Karuna, 18, were screened. Dinu. K of 3rd year Sociology gave away the vote of thanks.

Documentary Presentation – ‘Our Gowry’ (04/03/2017)

Sociology Association 2017 - 18 - Documentary Presentation 14 Nov 2017(2)On March 4, 2017 Sociology department held a screening of the documentary ‘Our Gowry’ directed by Pradeep K.P. He marked his aim to show who is Gowry to a society unknown of her. He also interacted with the students. He also pointed out how she suffered death for being a genuine and frank journalist. Department faculties including MuhammedShareef C.K, M. Shilujas and Thalha Hussein were present on the dais.

Inter College Quiz Competition – “Quizophile” (25/11/2017)

On November 25, 2017 Sociology department conducted an inter college quiz competition. Mridul.M (2nd year BSc. Physics) was the quiz master. Several colleges of Malabar region ensured their participation. First and second prizes were received by Devagiri St. Joseph’s College and Farook College, respectively. A cash prize of 2,000/- for the former and 1,000/- for the later was awarded.

Inter Department Essay Writing Competition

The department of Sociology, Farook College conducted an inter department essay writing competition on the topic Pluralism: Pros and Cons. Around 15 students representing various departments of Farook College participated in the competition. The students of Malayalam department Nimshida.V and Shimna.V gained first and second positions, respectively.

Department Level Workshop on Making Eco-friendly ‘Paper Pen’ (18/07/2017)

Department of Sociology - Pen Making Workshop - 2017 - 18On July 18, 2017 Sociology department conducted a workshop to train students on how to make Eco-friendly paper pens. The workshop was intended to create awareness among students on the need for reducing plastic wastes and to encourage the production and use of Eco-friendly paper pens. Paper pens are designed in such a manner with a seed of any vegetable or fruit plant enclosed within the pen. When the pen is thrown out after use, the paper shield will decompose leaving the seed to germinate in soil. The students of Kondotty Govt. College managed to train and render the concept of Eco-friendly lifestyle to the students through this workshop.