Department of Economics – Events Organized



National Seminar

  1. Seminar on ‘Development perspectives of Kerala Economy : Some reflections’ on 15-03-2011.
  2. Seminar on ‘Kerala’s Development Trajectory in the 21st century, some major concerns’ on 15-12-2015.
  3. Conducted One Day National seminar on the topic  “GST and Fiscal crisis” on 12th December 2017.
  4. Conducted three day National Workshop on “Applied Econometrics using Eviews” in association with the Indian Econometric Society (TIES) from 1st to 3rd February 2018.


  1. Second Annual conference of Kerala Economic Association on the theme ‘Migration, Development and Society’ on 27-29 May 2016.


  1. Talk on “Sliding Rupee- Myths and Realities” by Dr. P.P Yousufali on 11-09-2013.
  2. Talk on “Unorganised Labour Force in Kerala, Some Reflections” by Dr. Anwar Sadath, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Central University of Kerala on 05-11-2013.
  3. Talk on “Neo-Liberal Regime and its Impact, by Prof Abdul Latheef P.T, Former Deputy Mayor, Calicut Corporation on 08-12-2014.
  4. Talk on “Union Budget 2016-17” by Dr. Shyjan Davis, Asst. Professor University of Calicut on 07-02-2015.
  5. Talk on ‘Crude Oil Price – Evolution, Impact and Future’ by Dr. Anand B, Asst Professor, Central University of Rajasthan on 09-01-2015.
  6. Talk on ‘‘Growth and inflation concerns of Indian Economy’ by Abdul Kareem IES, Additional Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.


  1. One day workshop on Methodology of Empirical Research in Social Science, by Dr. Noushad, Asst Professor, Farook Training College 20/01/2015.
  2. One day workshop on Islamic Economics and Finance, by Dr. Shaheed Ramzan 05-03-2015.

Academic and Industrial Visit

  1. Industrial Visit to Parisons Tea Factory, Cherakkara, Mananthavadi by Second Year B.A Students on 27-03-2014.
  2. Academic Visit to IIM Kozhikode by M.A Economics Students and Teachers on 15-12-2014.
  3. Study Visit to Thusharagiri as a part of promoting sustainable development by M.A Economics Students and Teachers on 18/12/2014.
  4. Industrial Visit to ,Pallivasal Power house by II B.A Economics students on 07-02-2015.
  5. Industrial Visit to Kannan Devan Tea Factory by Teachers and G students on 21-11-2015.       


  1. Screening of the Film “The Companion” Made by Second Year M.A economics Students 11-08-2014.
  2. Quiz on Indian Economy on 12.08.2015.