ED Club

Entrepreneurship is a major input in the economic development of our country especially in this era of globalisation. Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC) of Farook College designs programmes to help students in strengthening and fulfilling their entrepreneurial motive and acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing entrepreneurial role effectively. EDC shows the way to the educated the potential youths to identify a suitable way of life through self-employment.

Aims and objectives include the following.

  • To encourage first generation entrepreneurs from among the students who do not have any business background. 
  • To develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial competency among the prospective student entrepreneurs.
  • To provide possible help and assistance in identification and formulation of viable projects.
  • To impart training in managerial understanding and skills to potential student entrepreneurs.
  • To empower and train potential women entrepreneurs.

Director: T. Mphamed Nishad


1) Meet the Giants Workshop:

A two-day workshop was conducted under the Entrepreneurship Development Club on 7 and 8 February 2008to motivate the students to undertake entrepreneurial career by way of providing opportunity to have close and direct interaction with some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Giants Mr. C P Kunhimuhammed, Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali, Mr. Shafi Chaliyam, Mr. Nithyand Kanath, Mr. Naushad V K C, Mr. P K Shanavas and Mrs. Suharabi interacted with the students in the sessions. The talks and interactions covered the entrepreneurial biography of the world renowned entrepreneurs and those of the giants who interacted with the students. Following are some of the tips generated from the interaction and discussion. The Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Development Programme along with other teachers led and moderated talks, discussions and interactions in the programmes.