Event Organized – 2018 – 19

No Organizing Department / Wing Title of the Event Scope Funding Agency Date Venue
  Women’s Cell

Talk on Love, Society and Humanity. Miss J Devika Anchors the Session

College   19/02/2019 AVT
  Department of Statistics

Faculty and Students Organize Farewell Function on the Eve of the Retirement of Dr Samiyya NV (HOD)

College   19/02/2019 UG Seminar Hall
  Department of Commerce

Inauguration of Research Center & Invited Talk on Recent Advancements and Changes in Accounting and Finance

College   19/02/2019 AVT
  Department of English

Altera – Intercollegiate Library Fiesta –

State   14/02/2019 AVT
  Farook College

Premarital Counseling Course Organized with the Support of Ministry of Minority Affairs (Kerala)




  Department of English

Invited Talk

College   31/01/2019 AVT

Talk on Assessment, Accreditation and Ranking of Institutions

College   30/01/2019 AVT
  Department of English

Dr Preethi Navaneeth (NIT Calicut) Declares the Specialized Programme for English Language Learning (SPELL)

College   30/01/2019  
  Research Form, Department of English

Scholar Talk

College   25/01/2019  
  Myristica Season 3

Myristica Season 3 Ends with Galore on Jan 30 2019

College   29 -30/01/2019  
  FACCOMS 2018 – 19 Organizes Meet the Elite and Successful Entrepreneur (MESE) College   13/02/2019 AVT
  Dept of Library and Info Science Dept of Library and Info Science Organize Orientation Programme on Entry to Central Govt Libraries College   19/01/2019  
  Department of Sociology Aboobacker Sidheeque IAS (Alumnus, Department of Sociology) Interacts with Students       04/01/2019  
  Department of Arabic Dr Sanaullaah Nadwi Inaugurates International Arabic Day and Intercollegiate Arabic Song Competition     28/12/2018  
  NAVAL NCC Drama – An Act of Life – in Connection with Swachapakuatha College   21/12/2018  
  Theater Club Interaction with CL Jose (Senior Drama Actor)     18/12/2018 Seminar Hall, Farook Training College
  Students’ Union 2018 – 19 Singer of the Campus Audition – 15 Students Qualifies in the First Round College   17/12/2018  
  Department of Library Science and Information Science One Day Training Programme on Academic Plagiarism and Reference Management Tools College   15/02/2018 AVT
  IQAC Dr K M Naseer (Principal) Inaugurates One Day Workshop on Mentoring for Non Accredited Colleges     05/12/2018 AVT
  Theater Club Sri Jayaprakash Kuloor (Actor) Inaugurates Theater Club     27/11/2018 UG Seminar Hall
  NCC Col Ranjth Kotwal Inaugurates NCC Week Celebrations and Talk on SSB     27/11/2018 AVT
  FOSA UK Reunion 2018 at East Ham, London     25/11/2018  
  Department of Chemistry Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram (Honorary Professor and INSA Senior Scientist, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Inaugurates National Conference on Emerging Frontiers in Chemical Sciences (EFCS 2018) on  23 November 2018 National   23-24/11/2018 AVT
  Film Club Screening of the Film “Burn My Body”  College   22/11/2018 Dept of Malayalam
  Farook College Management, Staff, Alumni and Students Condolence Meeting – Sad Demise of Janab Shanavas MP (Alumnus, Farook College) College   22/11/2018 Auditorium
  Department of Physics National Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (NSAA 2018) National   21-22/11/2018 AVT
  Staff Club 2018 – 19 Honoring the Excellence among the Faculty Faculty Fraternity College   19/11/2018 AVT
  Department of Commerce Honouring Toppers 2018 College   15/10/2018 AVT
  Staff Club 2018 – 19 and Vibzz (Music Club) Alvida (A Musical Tribute to the Violin Maestro Balabhasker) College   15/10/2018 AVT
  Readers Forum Ambikasuthan Mangad (Teacher, Writer & Cultural Activist) Inaugurates Activities for Readers Forum 2018 – 19 College   12/10/2018  
  Department of Malayalam കളംപാട്ട് ശില്പശാല College   12/10/2018  
  Department of Sociology Department of Sociology Organizes Mintalk Competition College   11/10/2018 UG Seminar Hall
  Department of Psychology PSYFAC (Department of Psychology Association) 2018 – 19 Inauguration and Mental Health Day Celebration College   10/10/2018 12/10/2018
  NCC Girls Wing NCC Army Girls Wing Collects The Plastic Waste from the Entire Campus  College      
  PTA 2018 – 19  Kamal Varadur (PTA President) Inaugurates PTA UGC NET Coaching 2018 – 19 College PTA    
  Arabic & Islamic History Association 2018 – 19 Mr Faisal Elettil Inaugurates Activities of Arabic & Islamic History Association 2018 – 19 College     AVT
  Department of Sociology Espathinayiram – A Sociological Interaction with NP Hafiz Mohammed College   05/10/2018 AVT
  Department of Malayalam Association 2018-19 K Sree Kumar (Writer) Inaugurates Department of Malayalam Association 2018-19 College   05/10/2018  
  Department of Malayalam & Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University Department of Malayalam & Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University Organize Ezhuthachan Prabhashanam College   05/10/2018  
  FACCOMS 2018 – 19 Meet the Elite and Successful Entrepreneur (MESE) College   04/10/2018  
  Department of Functional English Association 2018 – 19 Department of Functional English Association Inauguration – Suhas & Sharafu (Script Writers, Varathan) College   29/09/2018  
  Department of Sociology Association 2018 – 19 Department of Sociology Association Inauguration – Leela Santhosh (Director, Karinthandan – Upcoming Movie) College   27/09/2018 AVT
  Students Union 2018 – 19 Mr Parakkal Abdullah (MLA) and Parvathy (Cine Artist) Inaugurate Farook College Students’ Union and Fine Arts Club 2018 – 19 Activities on 26 September 2018 College   26/09/2018 Auditorium
  Department of Economics Dr Nirmala Padmanabhan (Associate Professor, Department of Economics, St Teresea’s College) Delivers Talk at Distinguished Lecture Series College   25/09/2018 AVT
  Department of Botany Dr Manju C Nair and Rajesh K P (Assistant Professors, Department of Botany, Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College) Delivers Talk College   25/09/2018 Zoology Smart Room
  Department of Botany Farewell Function to Dr. Anjana S (Assistant Professor) College   25/09/2018  
  Department of Economics Dr Yaseen Ashraf (Former Professor, Department of English & Associate Editor, Madhyamam Daily) Inaugurates Discussion on Professor Oommen’s Book College   23/09/2018 AVT
  Department of Sociology Street Play “Undauntable Gouri Lankesh A Blazing Memory” College   14/09/2018  
  FACCOMS TALENTO 18 – Interclass Management Meet – College   18-19/09/2018  
  Sahitya Akademi and Depart of Malayalam One Day Sahitya Shipa Shala College   18/09/2018  
  FACCOMS, Department of Commerce Camera Rolling College   13/09/2018  
  Film Club Screening of The Slave Genesis, Documentary Film by Anees K Mappila (Alumnus and National Award Winner) College   11/09/2018  
  Department of Malayalam Talk by K. Ashraf (Researcher, University of Johannesburg, South Africa) College   06/09/2018 AVT
  Staff Club 2018 – 19 Teacher’s Day Talk on Teaching After the Flood Anchored by Dr TV Sajeev (Principal Scientist, KFRI) College   05/09/2018 AVT
  Women’s Club Interaction with Daya Bhai (Social Activist) College   04/09/2018 AVT
  NSS One day Seminar on Swachhatha Campaign College   01/09/2018 AVT
  Department of Mathematics Farook College Laurels Award for Mathematical Excellence to Ms Sharon Anand College   03/09/2018 AVT
  Department of Malayalam  Documentary Show of Wayanadan Ramayanam (Recipient of the UGC Best Documentary Award 2017) and Discussion College   08/08/2018 AVT
  Department of Arabic,  Department of Arabic, University of Madras & Darul Yasmeen, UAE International Arabic Seminar on Literary Interfaces International   07/08/2018 Auditorium
  Department of Sociology Talk on “State, Technology and Question of Citizenship” by Illyas Manakkadavan, Winner of Nehru Fullbright Scholarship 2018 College   03/08/2018 AVT
  Dept. of Arabic Commemorative Speech on Karuvally Muhammed Moulavi on 2 Aug 2018 College   02/08/2018 AVT
  PMICSE & Department of Malayalam Talk by Mohamed Ali Shihab IAS College   01/08/2018 AVT
  Film Club Inauguration of Film Club College   01/08/2018 AVT
  FACCOMS Afifa Aboobacker, Sandra and Navami (3rd Sem) Clinch First Prize Outlast ’em College   30/07/2018  
  Department of Sociology Department of Sociology Congratulates Abdul Munas being the Team Player for India in the India Srilanka Cricket Tournament for the Blind College   30/07/2018  
  Inquizitive Quiz Club Kurrah – World Cup Flavored Football Quiz on College   25/07/2018 UG Seminar Hall
  FACCOMS 2018 – 19   Brand Dumb Charades College   25/07/2018  
  Staff Club 2018 – 19 ET Mohammed Basheer M P (Former Minister, Dept of Education) Inaugurates Panel Discussion on Higher Education Council Formation Bill College   13/07/2018 AVT
  Department of Malayalam  Basheer Memorial Speech College   05/07/2018  
  FACCOMS 2018 – 19  Inauguration event of the FACCOMS Committee 2018 – 19 College   03/07/2018 Auditorium
  NSS and Childline Welcome to Al Ameen (Student, Jamia Millia Islamia University) Who Goes on a Bike Trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Pedalling against Child Abuse College   02/07/2018  
  NSS Nayi Manzil Scheme (സ്കൂൾ വിദ്യാഭ്യാസം പാതിവഴിയിൽ ഉപേക്ഷിച്ചവർക്കുള്ള കേന്ദ്രസർക്കാറിന്റെ  പദ്ധതി) Calicut   01/07/2018  
  NCC Girls NCC Girls Observe International Day against Drug Abuse College   26/06/2018  
  Department of Malayalam ഫാറൂഖ് കോളേജ് മലയാള വിഭാഗം “ഭാഷാ പഠിതാക്കളുടെ തൊഴില്‍ സാധ്യതകള്‍” എന്ന ശീര്‍ഷകത്തില്‍ അക്കാദമിക സംവാദം സംഘടിപ്പിച്ചു College   22/06/2018  
  Farook College Principal Addresses First PTA Meeting of the UG Batch 2018-19 College   21/06/2018 AP Bava Convention Center