Growth & Expansion

A glimpse of infrastructural and academic growth has been summarized.


Year Development
1948 College Main Building
1949 Azad Hostel
1957 Pavilion, Canteen Building
1960 A.L.M. Hostel, President’s Hostel
1961 Raja Gate, Staff Quarters, Non-resident Students Centre, Yousuf Sagar Hall (College Auditorium
1964 Science Block
1965 S.S. Hostel
1968 Administrative Block
1969 Zahira Hostel (for women)
1972 P.G. Library Block Ist Phase
1973 Jubilee Health Centre, Jubilee Quarters, College Stadium
1976 Kunhali Marikar Indoor Stadium
1978 Iqbal (PG) Hostel-Ist Phase, Open Air Theatre-Ist Phase
1980 New Block-Ist Phase
1985 Iqbal (PG) Hostel-2nd Phase,  New Block-2nd Phase,  Open Air Theatre-2nd Phase
1989 New Block (40 th Anniv. Bidg.), Old Students Home-Ist Phase
1990 I.D.B Women’s Hostel
1993 Old Students Home-2nd Phase, P.G. Library Block-2nd Phase
1996 Botany Block
1999 Informatics Centre
2002 Abussabah Library Complex,  P.M. Institute of Civil Services Examination
2003 Institute of Regional Studies and Documentation, Audio-Visual Theatre, Cafeteria
2004 Statistical Computing Lab, Publications Division, Web Development Centre, Cyber House,  Language Lab
2005 New Physics Lab
2006 Media Lab
2007 Digital Talking Book Library, New Chemistry Labs., Computer Science Dept. Lab.
2008 Mathematics Dept. Computer  Lab.
2009 Digital Library
2010 Car Parking, Sports Pavilion
2011 Diamond Jubilee Block(P.G. Block)
2013 Commerce Block – Renovated, Day Care Centre
2014 Water purification Plant, Self Financing Block, Yousuf Sagar Hall – Renovated
  Yousaf Saqer Hall Renovated
  Physical Fitness Centre
  Botany Block II Phase
  KSCAT Centre
  North Block I Phase
2015 New Block II Phase
   Multimedia Lab
  Multimedia Studio
  Psychology Lab
   Commerce Computer Lab
  Automobile Lab
  Automobile Work Shop
  Zoology Research Lab 
  Material Sceince Research Lab
  Applied Optics Research Lab
 2016 FOSA Guest House Renovation
  Diamond Jubilee PG Block II Phase
  Basket Ball Court 
  Haji A. P. Bava Convention Centre
  Research Block 
  NAAC Re-accreditation with A+ Grade
2017 Solar Power Plant
  Water Analysis Lab
2018 Observatory
  Zahira Hostel reconstructed
2019 Statistics & Computing Lab (Renovation)
  Golden Jubilee Hall (Department of Botany)
  KC Hassan Kutty Gate
  Entrepreneurship Innovation & Career Hub
  Arab Sat (Department of Arabic)
  KC Hall (Department of Library & Information Science)
  College Office (Renovation)
 2020 IT Hub
  UG Seminar Hall (Renivation)
  Physics Block
  Audio Production Centre
  Dialysis Centre


Year Development
1948 Intermediate Arts, B.A. Islamic History, B.A. Economics
1949 Intermediate Science, B.O.L Arabic
1951 B.Sc. Mathematics, B.Com.
1956 Pre-University
1957 B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.Sc. Zoology
1959 B.A. Arabic, M.Sc. Mathematics, Admission thrown open to women students
1965 Pre-Degree
1966 B.A. Arabic converted to B.A. Arabic & Islamic History (Double Main)
1967 M.A. Arabic, M.A. English
1968 B.A. English, B.Sc. Botany
1969 M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Com.
1970 Dept. of English recogonised as Research Centre
1978 M.Sc. Zoology
1979 M.Sc. Physics
1980 M.A. Islamic History, Dept. of Zoology recogonised as Research Centre
1981 B.A. Malayalam & Sociology (Double Main)
1982 M.Sc. Statistics
1984 M.A. Economics
1990 B.A. Malayalam (Bifurcated), B.A. Sociology (Bifurcated), M.A. History (Re-designated)
1993 B.L.I.Sc
1995 B.B.S.
1998 Dept. of Statistics recogonised as Research Centre
1999 B.Sc. Statistics, B.Sc. Computer Science, Dept. of Arabic recogonised as Research Centre
2001 B.B.A. (Re-designated), M.Sc. Computer Science
2002 Dept. of Chemistry recogonised as Research Centre
2005 M.C.J. (SF)
2010 Dept. of History recogonised as Research Centre
2011 Dept. of Physics recogonised as Research Centre
2012 B.A. Functional English (SF), B.Sc. Psychology (SF)
2013 B.M.M.C., M.L.I.Sc., B.Com Computer Application (SF), Dept of Computer Science recogonised as Research Centre
2014 B.Voc Information Technolgy, B.Voc Automobile
2015 M.Sc. Psychology
  Conferment of Autonomous Status
2017 B A (Multimedia) – Redesigned
  M A (Journalism and Mass Communication) – Redesigned
  Farook College has been established as a Local Chapter of NPTEL
2018 Department of Commerce and Management Studies recognized as Research Centre
2019 Department of Mathematics recognized as Research Centre
2020 Department of Economics recognized as Research Centre
  BVoc Automobile (Self Financing)
  BVoc Software Development (Self Financing)
  BSc Psychology
  Integrated MSc Geology
  NPTEL Rates Farook College among the best 100 Local Chapters all over India
  NPTEL Rates Farook College as the best Local Chapter among Arts, Science and Commerce categroy