Department of History – PhD Scholars

Name of the Supervisor

Name of Student

Title of the Project

Dr T Muhammedali

KunhiSooppy Meethale Korotheromel

The Paradigms of Society, culture and Knowledge- An enquiry into the epistemology of IbnKhaldun

Muhammed Sirajudheen K

ArakkalSwaroopam- Matriliny, Trade and Politics

Hamza Thodengal

Colonialism and Development: A Study on the Local Self Bodies  in Malabar


Sreeba U

Education in Medieval Kerala



A Social History of Ship Building in Malabar (900-1900 CE)

Dr M R Manmathan

Udayakumar P

Colonial Intervention and Transformation of Human Ecology: Tribal Life in Malabar

Abdul Gafoor P

Pan-Islamism among the Muslims of Malabar: Descent and Diffusion in the 20th Century