Botany Association 2017 – 18 – Oryza 2017 – Inauguration on 22 November 2017

Botany Association Inuagration 22 Nov 2017(1)Botany Association Inuagration 22 Nov 2017 - Press News about Chief Guest

It was a great occasion for all the staff & students of the Department of Botany to have two distinguished guests for the Association inauguration.

Department of Botany - Association Inuagration - 22 Sept 2017One was Prof. Sobhindran, a real nature lover & great environmentalist who practice what he preach.

The other person was a poor farmer, Mr. Thottooli Chinnan residing at Adivaram, near to our college, but rather unknown to most of us.

Eventhough he owns only 4.5 cents of land and a small house,  he at his 70th age is cultivating 17 varieties of rice in about 10 acres of land all taken for lease from others. He has bagged Karshakashree and Best farmer awards several times.

He explained us the effort and the magic behind a single rice seed growing into a rice plant and producing hundreds of rice seeds again on it within 110 or 120 days. This means 100 or 500 times productivity (the magic) within a short span of 3 months, which an economist cannot compare with...!!

Interaction with both of these distinguished personalities helped all the audience to realize that there are several practical knowledge which books alone could not provide. The powerful and motivating words of these two 'gurus' filled us with that much energy and motivation to do selfless service for the society, to be environmental friendly in our deeds and to be hardworking till our last breath.