Convener (Attendence Committee) Notifies Procedures for Submitting OD Leaves Taken by Students

Students who participate in extracurricular activities should be directed to submit their OD forms to the teacher in charge of the wings concerned. Miss. Shabna (Enquiry Section) will collect the forms every Friday from these teachers and hand it over to Attendance Committee in order to mark the OD attendance. After having entered the ODs the forms will be returned to advisors of various departments . Advisors have to keep these forms with them, and cross check it while scrutinising the monthly attendance report. Advisors should directly report to the Attendance Committee regarding the ODs sanctioned to the students by the department. Medical leave, if any, should be reported to the Committee immediately after the student produces the certificate.

It is decided to implement the plan from the month of September onwards.

Convener, Attendance Committee