Department of Physics Organizes SCULPTING LIGHT – A Workshop on Laser Holography and Applications – on 27 & 28 Feb 2018

As a part of Science Day Celebrations Department of Physics, Farook College (Autonomous), jointly with Light Logics Holography and Optics and SPIE-USA, is organizing unique hands on workshop on Sculpting Light for the benefit of faculty members and researchers. As you are aware, light and light based technologies are conquering all walks of human life and living. The whole world is all set to celebrate the International Day of Light (IDL) on May 16th every year. Laser holography is the most reputed technology to record and recreate light fields in its truest manner. Ultra Realistic Imaging, Image Archiving, Security and Authentication, Precision NDT, Optical Data Storage and Processing, Alternate Reality (AR) etc. are just a few of its wide spread applications. In a world that is set to have a paradigm shift from electronics to photonics, there are fast changes poised be introduced in the education and training sectors. This Workshop will provide fundamental as well as practical aspects of laser holography through a set of graduate and postgraduate level experiments. Light Logics Holography and Optics is India’s leading laser holography and optical structures Technology Company. There will be technical disclosures by Dr.Ajith Kumar, a globally renowned laser holography scientist who has over three decades of hands on experience in various advanced avenues of holography, optical structures and their applications. The Workshop will provide, probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for the participants to shoot a hologram and take it home.

Please see the brochure for more details of the event. 

Aspirants who wish to participate are welcome to register online.