FACCOMS, Department of Commerce Presents Camera Rolling on 13 Sept 2018

DCMS FAROOK COLLEGE  FACCOMS presents Camera Rolling

Rules and general idea:

-> It is a 10 minute team Game

-> Each Team must have 3 Students

-> A team will be given a product randomly with which they have to advertise.

-> After getting the product,each team will be given 5 minute for preparation, 2 minute for presentation(acting), 3 minute  for interaction.

-> Contestants will be judged on the basis of
  1)Understanding concept.
  2)Marketing strategy used in advertising.
  3)Presentation style.

Nb: This criteria could be subject to changes made by the judging panel

Date : 13/09/2018
Venue: 5th Sem B.Com

*Let's see Who is going to Clinch the Game this Time..*🤩