Kerala History Congress Ends with Gorgeous Session on Social Stratification in Kerala

gal-Kerala Hist Cong-Prof. KEN KunhahmedThe last day of Third Annual Session of Kerala History Congress  commenced with a special session on Social Stratification in Kerala. Dr. K. S. Madhavan, University of Calicut moderated the session. He said that “the Aryan settlement and their socio-political and economical influence led to the social exclusion of working class in Kerala. Social  stratification process becomes a tool for maintaining social discrimination which eventually leading to caste- gender inequalities.” He also criticized that history in the making had undergone sharp and preplanned appropriations. The session was chaired by K.E.N Kunhahammed, Former Professor, Farook College who commented on the significance of social stratification in the present scenario when lynching is being supported by government.

gal-Kerala History Congress conferencil Dr. K.N. Ganesh (Rtd. Prof. University of Calicut)The first talk in the session was handled by Dr. K N Ganesh, Retd Professor of University of Calicut who stated that “caste can only be annihilated by breaking the ancestral lineage which feeds it.” “Fascism during the time of Hitler and at present are entirely different in its strategy and form” and he advocated for a casteless, secular democracy. Mr. Venkitesh Ramakrishnan, Frontline, New Delhi  recollected his North Indian encounters with casteist segregations. He also talked about the visibe presence of caste in one’s body and name. Dr. Rajesh Komath, MG University, Kottayam  said that in Kerala Dalits are considered as imperfect, supplementary bodies which is unreal and carries filth. “Untouchability arises from upper strata and not from the lower strata of the society” he stated. In contrary to Ramakrishnan’s perspective, he opined that Kerala is not a unique state and in order to understand the condition of Dalits in kerala its necessary to understand the segregation prevailing here. The session was concluded by Dr. K.S.Madhavan.

Numerous papers were presented throughout the day in the technical sessions. Dr. Sebastian Joseph of UC College, Aluva, welcomed the gathering of Valedictory Session. The session was chaired by Dr. S Sivadasan, vice President, Kerala History Congress. Prof. Gopinath Ravindran, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Kannur University, during his valedictory address said that Professional history writing develops with the nation state and he emphasized that regional history should be given due importance. Shri.  Vazhayil Balakrishnan, Chairman, Ramanatukara Municipality felicitated the gathering. The session was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Dr. T Mohammedali, Local Secretary of Kerala History Congress.