Message from CE: Uploading of External Marks of SEE March 2018, Internals of 2nd, 4th Sem UG & 2nd Sem PG, Practical of 4th Sem UG & 2nd Sem PG

Last date to upload external marks of 2nd & 4th sem UG SEE march 2018 examinations (after 20% revaluation by chief examiner and scrutiny of chairman) is 25th July 2018. Facilities are available in CE 's office.

Last date to upload internal marks (submit copy after displaying on notice board) of 2nd, 4th sem UG & 2nd sem PG SEE march 2018 is 30th june 2018 (INTERNAL MARK ONCE UPLOADED IS FINAL).

Please conduct practical/ viva of 4th sem UG & 2nd PG examinations and submit mark lists on or before 15 July 2018 at CE 's office.

Controller of examinations
Farook college