Ms Shahina Mol A.K., Ms Prathibha P. and Ms Jinaan T.K. (Research Scholars, Department of English) Presents their Presubmission Presentations

The Department of English cordially invites you to the presubmission presentations of the PhD theses:
 Venue: English Research Hall 
Time: 1.30 p.m
24 June 2019
1. Location as Character: Fugitivity Voices in the Selected Middle East Women Writings* 
Research Scholar:
Ms  Shahina Mol A.K.
Research Guide: 
Dr Abid Kotta
2. The Free Woman: A Feminist Study of the Turbulent Life of Aphra Behn and her Heroines*
Research Scholar:
Ms Prathibha P.
Research Guide: 
Dr Sajitha M.A.
3. Traumatic Subjectivity and Ethical Resolve : A Study of Select Nuclear Disaster Narratives.*
Research Scholar:
Ms Jinaan T.K.
Research Guide: 
Dr Zeenath M.K