NPTEL July – Oct 2018 Session: Jithin (BSc Botany), Salmanul Fares (BSc Computer Science) and Wafi Shihad PN (BSc Psychology) Secures Top Positions, 32 Out of 36 Registrants Complete the Courses Successfully

In the July - October 2018 session of NPTEL, 387 registrations were done. Out of these 36 candidates paid the examination fee and attended the examination - 32 candidates successfully completed their courses. Jithin (BSc Botany) and Salmanul Fares (BSc Computer Science) secured top positions for their courses.  Salmanul Fares completed his course on Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python offered by Chennai Mathematical Institute with 90% percentage (only 2% of the participants toppers for this course) and Jithin emerged topper in Wild Life Conservation  (offered by IIT Kanpur)  with 95% (only 5% of the participants toppers for this course). There are two faculty members in the list of winners.

Jithin - Topper - NPTEL - July Oct 2018Salman - Topper - NPTEL July Oct 2018Wafi - Topper - NPTEL - July  Oct 2018

Three students scored 90% and above in their courses:


SL NoStudentCourseScoreType of Certificate
1Jithin (BSc Botany)Wild Life Conservation95%Topper

Salmanul Fares (BSc Computer Science)

Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python93%Topper


Introduction to R Software93%Elite + Gold

List of Winners for the July - October 2018 session are:

S.noCourse NameNameDepartmentFinal ScoreCertificate TypeTopper
1Biomedical NanotechnologyMOHAMMED JASIL PChemistry67Elite 
2Introduction to BiostatisticsAMAL PRAKASH KStatistics78Elite 
3WildLife ConservationJITHIN VBotany95Elite+goldTopper of 5% in this course
4Problem Solving through Programming in CRAHNA SHERINComputer Science55Successfully completed 
5Introduction to Programming in CASWATHI CComputer Science55Successfully completed 
6Introduction to Programming in CRIZVANA KOONARIComputer Science52Successfully completed 
7Introduction to Programming in CMUHAMMED SHAFEEQUE TComputer Science40Successfully completed 
8Introduction to Programming in CSAHLA KTComputer Science34No Certificate 
9Introduction to Programming in CBASHIRA KComputer Science44Successfully completed 
10Introduction to Programming in CASWATHI P KComputer Science44Successfully completed 
11Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using PythonSALMANUL FARESComputer Science90Elite+goldTopper of 2% in this course
12Data Base Management SystemsC P FATHIMATHUL MISIRIYAComputer Science73Elite 
13Data Base Management SystemsMANJU MOHAN MPComputer Science59Successfully completed 
14Data Base Management SystemsRINSHA RAHEESComputer Science59Successfully completed 
15Data Base Management SystemsSATHYAJITH KPComputer Science47Successfully completed 
16Data Base Management SystemsNOORA FATHIMAMathematics69Elite 
17Data Base Management SystemsHARIPRIYA T HComputer Science81Elite 
18Deep LearningFATHIMA KUNHI MOHAMEDComputer Science and Engineering73Elite 
19Introduction to Internet of ThingsABDURAHIMANComputer Science52Successfully completed 
20Introduction to R SoftwareUMAIB TComputer Science93Elite+gold 
21Introduction to R SoftwareNISHAD PComputer Science87Elite 
22Introduction to R SoftwareSHANIBA KStatistics86Elite 
23Introduction to R SoftwareSHAFRINA USMANStatistics88Elite 
24Introduction to R SoftwareABDUL MAJID K KStatistics82Elite 
25Introduction to R SoftwareANSHA PARVEENStatistics85Elite 
26Design and pedagogy of the introductory programming courseABDUL HALEEM P P 67In process 
27Soft skillsWAFI SHIHAD P.NPsychology88Elite 
28Developing Soft Skills and PersonalityHADA ZAKIYAMathematics83Elite 
29Introduction to Literary TheoryREMIN BANU C KEnglish74Elite 
30History of English Language and LiteratureNOORA SHIRIN K KEnglish61Elite 
31Educational LeadershipKAMARUDHEEN PModern Indian Language58Successfully completed 
32E-businessABDUL RAZACK MAlumnus (Department of Arabic) & Sub Editor (Suprabhaatham Daily)58Successfully completed 


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