SWAYAM Jul-Dec 2019 Session: 1 Faculty and 4 Students Crown as Toppers; 60 Students and 2 Faculty Members Clears Certifications; Department of Mathematics Tops with 12 Winners

Dr Milinth - Topper - NPTEL July Dec 2019 SessionAmalTopper NPTEL July Dec 2019 Sessio
Risnha Topper NPTEL July Dec 2019 SessionMarjana Topper NPTEL July Dec 2019 Session
Shahana Sherin - NPTEL TOpper - July Dec 2019 Session 

Results of the just concluded September 2019 examination for the July - December 2019 Session of SWAYAM NPTEL Online Course certifications are published and available with our local chapter.

In the July - December 2019 session, the following candidates bagged top positions :

  1. Dr MILINTH, Assistant Professor Department of Commerce
  2. AMAL PRAKASH K, Department of Statistics
  3. SHAHANA SHERIN P, Department of Mathematics
  4. RINSHA E, Department of Physics
  5. MARJANA K K, Department of History

60 students and 2 faculty members have cleared NPTEL Course certifications.  

SL NoDepartmentCourse NameCandidateRoleCertificateTopper
1ArabicDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineMUBASHIRA MStudentElite+Silver 
2ArabicDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineRISWANA SHIRIN K  MStudentElite+Silver 
3ArabicThe Psychology Of LanguageSHAMEEMA AStudentSuccessfully completed 
4ChemistryBioinorganic Chemistry - OnlineFIBA C KStudentElite+Silver 
5ChemistryIntroductory Organic Chemistry I - OnlineFEMINA SHERIN O VStudentElite 
6CommerceCost AccountingMILINTH PFacultyElite+SilverTopper 
7CommerceEthical Hacking - OnlineAPARNA  MStudentSuccessfully completed 
8Computer ScienceCloud Computing - OnlineHARIPRIYA T HStudentElite+Silver 
9Computer ScienceEthical Hacking - OnlineRIJFAS  A  USMAN K PStudentElite 
10Computer ScienceEthical Hacking - OnlineANAND CStudentSuccessfully completed 
11Computer ScienceEthical Hacking - OnlineK MUHAMMEDStudentSuccessfully completed 
12Computer SciencePython for Data Science - OnlineILFA SHERIN M CStudentElite 
13Computer SciencePython for Data Science - OnlineASNA AL MAS M KStudentElite+Silver 
14Computer SciencePython for Data Science - OnlineRINSHA RAHEESStudentElite+Silver 
15Computer SciencePython for Data Science - OnlineMUHAMMED NAMEER K KStudentSuccessfully completed 
16Computer ScienceDesigning learner-centric e-learning in STEM disciplinesABDUL HALEEM P PFacultyElite 
17EconomicsConsumer PsychologyRITHA FATHIMA PNMStudentSuccessfully completed 
18EnglishBody language: Key to professional SuccessAFRA BINTH ALIStudentElite 
19EnglishDairy and Food process and products technology - OnlineLUBNA NARGEES MStudentElite 
20EnglishDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineFEMINA PStudentElite+Silver 
21EnglishDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineFITHA FATHIMAStudentElite+Silver 
22EnglishGender Justice and Workplace Security - OnlineAMNA PStudentElite+Silver 
23EnglishGender Justice and Workplace Security - OnlineRANIYA KALLAYIStudentElite+Silver 
24EnglishInnovation Business Models and Entrepreneurship - OnlineREMIN BANUStudentElite 
25HistoryContemporary Architecture and Design - OnlineJISHNA K NStudentSuccessfully completed 
26HistoryDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineMARJANA K KStudentElite+SilverTopper 
27HistoryFunctional Genomics - OnlineRANIYA  CStudentElite 
28MathematicsBody language: Key to professional SuccessAYISHA SANIYATHStudentElite 
29MathematicsBody language: Key to professional SuccessNUSAIBATH TPStudentElite+Silver 
30MathematicsCalculus of One Real VariableMUFSINA.MStudentElite 
31MathematicsCalculus of One Real VariableSHAHANA SHARIN EKStudentElite 
32MathematicsCalculus of One Real VariableFATHIMA HIDA M P MEETHALStudentElite+Silver 
33MathematicsCalculus of One Real VariableNUSAIBATH TPStudentElite+Silver 
34MathematicsDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineSHAHANA SHERIN PStudentElite+SilverTopper 
35MathematicsIntroduction to Abstract and Linear Algebra - OnlineNUZUHA ARIKATTEYILStudentElite+Silver 
36MathematicsIntroduction to Abstract and Linear Algebra - OnlineSHAFLA NAHAN PNStudentElite+Silver 
37MathematicsIntroduction to Abstract Group Theory - OnlineFAHMIDA FATHIMA PStudentElite 
38MathematicsIntroduction to Abstract Group Theory - OnlineSHAFLA NAHAN PNStudentElite 
39MathematicsIntroduction to Abstract Group Theory - OnlineNUZUHA ARIKATTEYILStudentElite+Silver 
40Multimedia and CommunicationHuman Computer Interactions - OnlineNIHALA SHERINStudentElite 
41PhysicsCalculus of Several Real Variables - OnlineHENNA SHERIN PStudentElite+Silver 
42PhysicsDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineFIDHA AZEES N PStudentElite+Silver 
43PhysicsDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineRINSHA EStudentElite+SilverTopper 
44PhysicsPsychology of EverydayFIDHA AZEES NPStudentElite 
45PhysicsPsychology of EverydayRINSHA EStudentElite 
46PsychologyBiomedical nanotechnology - OnlineNEHLA FIROZStudentElite 
47PsychologyCognition, Transformation and LivesNAFISATH THASNIM ASLAMStudentElite 
48PsychologyDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineNIHALA ABDUL SAMEDStudentElite+Silver 
49PsychologyPsychology of EverydayFASNA GAFOORStudentElite 
50PsychologyPsychology of EverydayLUMNA SHARIN TStudentElite 
51PsychologyPsychology of EverydayFATHIMA RAHNA MStudentElite+Silver 
52PsychologyPsychology of EverydaySAEEMUNNISAStudentElite+Silver 
53PsychologyThe Psychology Of LanguageNOORAH HAMZAStudentElite 
54PsyhologyDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineHAMNA N TStudentElite+Silver 
55StatisticsCalculus of One Real VariableMIDHUNA KVStudentElite 
56StatisticsDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality - OnlineAMAL PRAKASH KStudentElite+goldTopper 
57StatisticsIntroduction to BiostatisticsFATHIMA FARSINA KPStudentElite 
58StatisticsIntroduction to R Software - OnlineFARHA JAFAR PUTHIYARAKKALStudentElite+gold 
59StatisticsIntroduction to R Software - OnlineMUHAMMED MURSHID V RStudentElite+Silver 
60StatisticsIntroduction to R Software - OnlineNOORA FATHIMAStudentElite+Silver 
61StatisticsIntroduction to R Software - OnlineSAADIYA KStudentElite+Silver 
62StatisticsPython for Data Science - OnlineHALAVATH AMINAStudentSuccessfully completed 

Department wise breakup of NPTEL certificate winners as follows. Department of Mathematics tops with 12 winners.

SL NoDepartmentNo of Winners
2Computer Science10
12Multimedia and Communication1