Department of Physical Education

The Department provides facilities for various games such as football, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Handball, Base Ball, Softball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball etc. The Physical Education Council of the college comprises the General Captain, the captains of various Teams and the members of the staff. The Principal is advised by the council in relation to activities and programmes of the Department


Year Established


Head of the Department

C Irshad Hassan

Ph: 0480 2879997

Mob: 9895102802



 The following teams are maintained by the department.
1. Soft ball
2. Base ball
3. Taekwondo
4. Football
5. Cricket
6. Hand ball
7. Shuttle
8. Table Tennis
9. Basket ball
10. Boxing
11. Wushu

1. Soft ball
2. Base ball
3. Table tennis
4. Wushu
5. Taekwondo