Dr KM Naseer, Principal, Farook CollegeFarook College established in 1948, has been serving the nation and the community for the last several decades. Its inception has promoted the causes of the marginalized and the voiceless. Fulfilling the dreams and visions of the founders, the college could march ahead assuming the role of a beacon for the society. Its residential set up and secular atmosphere retaining the uncompromising quest for excellence and innovative ventures have been complimented by many.

I welcome you to this blessed hillock with all your valuable suggestions and prayers.






Dr. K.M. Naseer

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Phone : 0495 – 2440613, 9061223300

Principals in Chronicle




Prof. Syed Mohideen Shah, M.A., L.T. 12-08-1948 14-09-1955
Prof. N.V.Beeran, M.A., M.Sc. (Prof. in-charge) 15-09-1955 05-05-1957
Prof. K.A. Jaleel. M.A. 05-05-1957 31-08-1979
Prof. V. Mohammed M.A. 06-09-1979 31-03-1983
Prof. U. Mohamed, M.A. B.T., D.E.S. (Prof. in-charge)                                                       (Principal) 01-04-1983 11-10-1983
12-10-1983 31-03-1988
Prof. A.P. Abdurahiman, M.A., B.Ed. (Prof. in-charge) 01-04-1988 03-06-1988
Dr. T.K. Mohamed M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. 04-06-1988 23-04-1989
Prof. V.V. Kunhabdulla, M.Sc. 24-04-1989 31-03-1996
Dr. P.M. Mubark Pasha M.A., Ph.D. 01-04-1996 08-07-2004
Prof. A. Kuttialikutty, M.Com., M.Phil. 09-07-2004 31-03-2011
Prof. E.P. Imbichikoya, M.Com. (Associate Prof. in-charge)       01-04-2011 06-04-2011
Prof. E.P. Imbichikoya, M.Com. (Principal)  07-04-2011 31-03-2018
Dr . K.M. Naseer (Associate Prof. in-charge)              01-04-2018 31-07-2018
Dr . K.M. Naseer M.A., MPhil, Ph.D. (Principal)  01-08-2018 Till date