Former Principals of the College

36Prof. Syed Mohideen ShahProf. Syed Mohideen Shah, M.A. L.T.

12-08-1948  to 14-09-1955

35Prof. N.V. BeeranProf. N.V.Beeran, M.A., M.Sc
(Professor in Charge)

15-09-1955  to  05-05-1957

34Prof. K.A JaleelProf. K.A. Jaleel. M.A.

05-05-1957  to  31-08-1979

33Prof. V. MuhammedProf. V. Mohammed M.A.

06-09-1979  to   31-03-1983

32Prof. U. MohammedProf. U. Mohamed, M.A. B.T.,  D.E.S.

01-04-1983  to  31-03-1988

31Prof. A.P. AbdurahimanProf. A.P. Abdurahiman, M.A., B.Ed.
(Professor in Charge)

01-04-1988  to  03-06-1988

30Dr.T.K. MohammedDr. T.K. Mohamed M.A. , M.Ed, Ph.D

04-06-1988  to  23-04-1989

29Prof. V.V. Kunhabdulla Prof. V.V. Kunhabdulla, M.Sc.

24-04-1989  to  31-03-1996

27Dr. P.M. Mubarak Pasha Dr. P.M. Mubark Pasha M.A.,   Ph.D.

01-04-1996  to  08-07-2004

kuttialikutyy Prof. A. Kuttialikutty, M.Com., M.Phil.

09-07-2004 to   31-03-2011

ep Prof. E.P. Imbichikoya, M.Com.

01-04-2011 to   31-03-2018

Dr KM Naseer, Principal, Farook College Dr. K.M. Naseer, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

(Associate Professor in Charge)

01-04-2018  to till date