Publications Division

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The Publications Division of Farook College is an academic venture with the aim of promoting the dissemination of seminal and innovative themes and creative writing of our teachers and students. The Publications Division is governed by a committee with the Principal as Chairman, a senior staff member as Director and teachers with literary aptitude are the members of the Committee. The fund for running the Division will be generated by marketing the published works, support from the Managing Committee of the College and the donations received from the well wishers.

Present committee
1.	Prof. E.P.Imbichikoya		:   Principal
2.	Mr. M. Ayub        			:   Director
3.	Dr. K.K. Abdulla			:   Member
4.	Dr. T.A. Mohammed			:      ,,
5.	Prof. E.K. Fazalurahman			:      ,,
6.	Dr. T. Mohammed Ali			:      ,,
7.	Dr. M.A Sajitha				:      ,,
8.	Dr. P. Abdul Azeez			:      ,,	
9.	Dr. C.A. Anaz				:     ,,

 The Division so far brought out the following six books.

 1. Mediascan                                                                           – Yaseen Ashraf

2. Smasanagalkku Smarakangalode Parayanavathathu     – K.E.N.

3. Cheriya Cheriya Meenukalum Valiya Malsyangalum     – N.P. Hafiz Mohamad

4. Archaeology in Kerala Edited by                                         – Dr. M.R. Manmathan

5. ‘Oh Palestine: Vishuddamaya Cheruthunilp’ Edited by  – Dr. K. Yaseen Ashraf    and N.P. Hafiz Mohamed 

6. Velichethinenthina Velicham’: An anthology on Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer. 

Forthcoming Publications: 

  1. Anthology of works of prominent Alumni of the college.
  2. Navothanam Vidhyabyasathiloode: Farookabadinte charithravum Douthyavum- Edited work
  3. Farook College Anubhavangal- Edited work