Research Publications
Sl No Publication Publisher Type
1 Social Orbit Farook College Peer Reviewed Research Journal
2 Majallath Al Sabah Lil Buhooth Department of Arabic Peer Reviewed Research Journal
3 Vibgyor  IQAC & Research Promotion Council A Compendium of Published Research Works by the Faculty Fraternity of Farook College

Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Workshop
on Expertising Network Infrastructure and Administration
Concepts for the Academic Fraternity (ENIAC 2015 – 16)

Department of Computer Science  

Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Frontiers in Chemical Sciences (EFCS – 2017)

Department of Chemistry  

Proceedings of the international Arabic seminar on “Cultural exchange between India and Arab world throughout the ages

Publications Division, Farook College  


Publications – General
Sl No Publication Publisher Type
1 De Tiden of kakhi NCC Army Published on the eve of 69th NCC Day