Quiz Club

inQUIZitive” – The Quiz Club of Farook College “bring you closer to knowledge”

The unprecedented reach of quizzing has made it popular with people of all ages in almost every sphere of life. Nowadays quizzes are much more than a general knowledge test. It is an entertaining mind sport which test a person’s mental ability alertness and general awareness. These factors resulted in the formation of ‘inQUIZitive’ -The Quiz Club of Farook College. Spreading the light of knowledge ‘inQUIZitive’ is now in the mainstream of the campus.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To popularise quizzing activities among students

  • To enable the youngsters to fight and win in the field of quizzing.

  • To provide information about the present scenario of quizzing.

  • To utilise the knowledge revolution by associating with other quiz clubs and organizations.


  • Quiz club is closely associated with ‘Dreams-The Q Team’, the fourth largest quiz corporate in India.

  • Conduct quizzes on various topics.

  • Organise weekly meetings and quizzes for getting familiarised with modern trends of quizzing.

  • Interaction with winners of various quizzes.