Research Scholars

Department of English

No Research Guide Research Scholars Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
  Asha Muhammed Mr Haris K Female mysticism in the works of Paulo Coehlo, Herman Hesse and Nikos Kazanzakis 4/26/2010 Preparing Final Thesis
2 T V Prakash Habeeb C Representation and Construction of the Visually Challenged in Selected Fiction 11/1/2012 Course work completed
3 Mufeeda T Same-Sex Pairing as a Device to Liberate the Unconscious: A Study of Oscar Wilde’s Creative Oeuvre 11/1/2012 Preparing for the Ph.D Preliminary Qualifying Examination
4 Sajitha M A Shibu B   The Evolution of the Idea of the Political Outsider in the Select Malayalam Films 11/1/2012 Ongoing
5 Arya Gopi The Other India: A Socio-Literary Analysis of Select Works of Mark Tully 11/1/2012 Ongoing
6 Shareefa Beegam P P Sexual Terrorism Reflected in Select Pakistani and Afghani  Fiction. 11/1/2012 Ongoing
7 Najda A Intellectual Activism of Muslim Women in Post-1990 Kerala-An Anlaysis of Gender Justice Reflected in the Works of Select Muslim Women Critics 11/1/2012 Ongoing
8 Sageera M Voice of the Voiceless: A Study on  Selected Afro-American and Dalit Autobiographies 5/2/2013 Ongoing
9 Linet Sebastian Salvaging The Past:A Study of the Historical Novels of Alex Rutherford and Indu Sundaresan. 5/2/2013 Ongoing
10 Abdul Shafeek Embodying the Body and the Being: A study on  select Science Fiction  of Margaret Atwood and Dorris Lessing presented the synopsis on 4 February 2016 before the doctoral committee- Awaiting the registration order  
11 Prathiba The Free Woman: A Feminist Study of the Turbulent Life of Aphra Behn and her Heroines Applied  
12 Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi Misha Jose Be(ing) Nobody’s Darling”: A Study of the Repression, Resurgence and Representation of Igbo Womanhood in the Select Novels of Flora Nwapa, Buchi Emecheta and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 01/07/2016 Course work in progress
13 Jinan T K Traumatic Subjectivity inSelect Nuclear Holocaust Discourses: A Critical Study  08/12/2015 Course work about to be completed
14 Mohammed Shafeeq Rapping a Dark Parable:A Comparative Study of the Select Lyrics of Eminem and the Poetry of Robert Frost and E. A. Poe. 4/2/2016 Course work in progress
15 Ms Hamna Mariyam Sartorial Dialectics: An Exploration into the Politics of Multidimensional Rendition of Clothing in Culture and Literature presented the synopsis on 4 February 2016 before the doctoral committee- Awaiting the registration order  
16 Zainul Abid Kotta Azmin C The Unwinding threads of Creativity: Exploring the ‘she language’ in the selected works of Anitha Nair, Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai 10/10/2014 Ongoing
17 Abdul Rasheed Epistomology of interactions : Space of Neurolinguistic Programming and Transaction Analysis in ELT 24/10/2014 Ongoing
18 Kabeerali P Hybridity of indianness: Unmasking the singularity of India as a nation in select Indian English narratives 24/10/2014 Ongoing
19 Shahina K Location as character: Fugitive voices in the selected Middle Eastern Women’s Writings 24/10/2014 Ongoing
20 Poornima R Redefining the fluid margins of gender. A study of the identities of Hijras and Trasgenders in selected Indian literatures and films. 24/10/2014 Ongoing
21 Aboobacker A Urban formations and the saturated selves: A study of selected works of Orhan Pamuk 24/10/2014 Ongoing


Department of Arabic

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
1 C P ABOOBACKER Haseena MK Development of modern Arabic literature in Saudi Arabic with special reference to Al Manhal Magazine. 7/7/2014 Ongoing
2 Sakkeena M.K The popular revolt against the colonial powers:An exploration into the role of malabar scholars as reflected in selected arabic literary works 11/1/2012 Ongoing
3 Jamshid P Contribution of Al – Arabi Magazine in the Development of Arabic Language and Literature 4/4/2012 Ongoing
4 Rafeeque M Sarwat Abaza Desouki and the Egyptian village life – a special study of his novels 4/9/2012 Ongoing
5 Shafeeq Rahman P The Parables and Similes of the Holy Quran and its impacts in the Arabic Literature with Special reference to thafseer “Al – Kashaf” 8/11/2010 Ongoing
6 N Abdul Jabbar Sageer Ali T P Socio Political Views in the Poetry of Abdulla Hasan Al – Bardooni. 8/11/2010 Ongoing
7 Ahammed Syed P Abdul Latheef KP The Literary Excellence of Holly Quran in the views of Modern Interpreters with a special reference to Sayyid Quthub and Saeed Hawa 8/11/2010 Ongoing
8 Jamaludheen K P Ayman shouqi Contribution of A’yid Al Qarni to Arabic Literature 11/1/2013 Ongoing
9 P Jubailiya Darul Uloom Nadwathul Ulama and its contributions to the Development of Arbic Literature. 5/2/2013 Ongoing
10 Sabique MK Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran 5/2/2013 Ongoing
11 Ali Akbar Contribution of the Sayings of Prophet in the Development of Psychology with special Reference to “Al- Sihah Al- Sithath” 8/10/2010 Ongoing
 12 Abdul Haseeb Arabic Rhetoric as Reflected in Hadith Literature with Special Reference to Sahih Al-Bukhari 02-04-2016 Ongoing
13 U Saidalavi Rajeena TK Social aspects in the short stories of Huda Naeemi 7/7/2014 Ongoing
14 Haseena Beegum The influence of gulf countries on Arabic learning in Kerala with special reference to Malabar 5/2/2013 Ongoing
15 Safiya Human Rights – a comparative study in Quran and contemporary world with special focus on women rights 11/1/2012 Ongoing
16 Mohammed Rafi C Faruqmawasi and his contributions to modern Arabic poetry 8/18/2010 Ongoing
17 Moideen Kutty K Influence on Communism on Arabic Poetry with Special reference to the poetic works of Abdul Wahhab al – Bayyathi 5/21/2009 Ongoing
18 C Saidalavi Khalid C T Social Reality in the works of Hanna Mina- An Analytical Study 7/7/2014 Ongoing
19 Ismail K Contemparary arabic poetry in OMAN with special reference to SAIF AL RAHBI-An analytical study 7/7/2014 Ongoing
20 Abdul Razaque Waiting for official order from the University 7/7/2014 Ongoing

Muhamed Shah A

(Co Guide: Ali Noufal K)

Arab Cultural Reveal in Malayalam Novels: A Study using Abdullah Al Ghadami’s Method of Cultural Criticism with Special Reference to Selected Novels

02-04-2016  Ongoing

Ishak P.C.

(Co Guide: Ali Noufal K)

Depiction of Social Life in The Iraqi Diasporic Novels after US Invasion with Special Reference to Ali Badar and his Works: An Analytical Study

01-07-2016 to 30-06-2021  

Usman M.K.

Confessional Elements in Arabic Autobiographical Writings : A Critical Analysis of Selected Texts

02-04-2016   Ongoing

Ahmad Koya P

Application of Gra,mmatical Theories on Holy Quran –
An Analytical Study on the Syntax, Semantics and Stylish of Holy Quran
01-07-2016 to 30-06-2022  Ongoing
25 ALI NOUFAL K  Safeena A K Socio political elements in the worksof LATIFA AL-ZAYYAT with special reference to the open door-An Islamic perspective 12/30/2014 Ongoing
26 Shafeeque P P Madrassa education and its contribution to arabic language and culture in Kerala 12/30/2014 Ongoing
27 Shabeerrali K K Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran with special reference to transactional analysis 10/10/2015

Department of History

No Research Guide  Research Scholar  Topic of Research  Date of Registration Status
1 Muhammedali T Shamli C K A Social History of Ship Building in Malabar ( 900 – 1900 CE)  11/21/2014 Ongoing
2 Hamza Thodengal Colonialism and Development: A study on the local self – bodies in Malabar 11/13/2013 Ongoing
3 Muhammed Sirajudin K Arakkal Swaroopam: Matriliny, Trade and Politics ( 1723 – 1907) 2/11/2013


(Converted  mode of research from Part time to Full time with effect from 26-09-2017 to 31-10-2018)

4 Kunhi Soopy M The Paradigms of society, culture and knowledge: an enquiry in to the epistemology of Ibn Khaldun 2/11/2013 Ongoing
5 Manmathan M R Udayakumar P Colonial Intervention and Transformation of Human Ecology: Tribal Life in Malabar, 1800-1947 19.08.2013 Ongoing
6 Abdul Gafoor P Pan Islamism among the Muslims of Malabar: Descent and Diffusion in the twentieth Century 21.01.2014 Ongoing

Department of Statistics

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research Date of Commencement Status
1 P Anilkumar T. Unnikrishnan Some contributions to the statistical methodology for extraction of hidden patterns in weather 11/1/2012 Ongoing
2 R. M. Juvairiyya Order Statistics and its applications 11/1/2012 Ongoing
3 Krishnarani S D Vidya V  P Non-Linear Time Series Models and their Applications 28.09.2015 Ongoing
4 Nitha U Some new asymmetric distributions and related time series models 23.09.2015 Ongoing


Department of Computer Science

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research Date of Commencement Status
1 V Kabeer Sainul Abideen N Study of photon based computing for improvement of the performance of computation process 7/4/2014 Ongoing
2 Sameer V V Computer recognition of arabi malayalam scripts 9/1/2015 Ongoing
3 Silpa C Online Malayalam handwritten word recognition using directional features and artificial neural networks 04-09-2015 Ongoing
4 Haris U Computer-Aided detection and Diagnosis of breast cancer using texture analysis and pattern recognition methods in digital mammograms 4/2/2016 Ongoing
5 Afsal K Computer –Aided identification of medicinal plant leaves using neuro-fuzzy pattern recognition and other artificial intelligence methods 19-12-16  
 6 Abdul Haleem P P Mohammed Shameer M C A light weight reliable disconnected and distributed message transaction model in wireless mobile environment 8/20/2015 Ongoing
7 FathimaKunhi Mohammed VK  Nonlinear speech analysis and modeling for Malayalam speech recognition 19 – 12 – 16  Ongoing
8 Bodhy Krishna S  Study of broadcasting techniques in  MANET routing protocol 28-03-17  Ongoing

Department of Chemistry

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research Date of Commencement Status
2 A K Abdul Rahim Rajitha V Metal Chelates of 1,3,5 Triaryl Formazans 21/07/2014 Ongoing
3 Rjagopalan P C Metal Chelates of some Formazan 11/1/2012 Ongoing
4 Deepa.DT Metal Chelates of 1,5-di hetero aryl-3-Phenyl formazans 2/14/2013 Ongoing


Department of  Zoology

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research Date of Commencement Status
1 Habeebrehman Jaseela V An epidemiological and cytogenetic study of Down’s syndrome in the Malabar Region of Kerala 12/11/2015 Ongoing

Department of  Physics

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research Date of Commencement Status