Farook College (AUTONOMOUS)
PO. Farook College, Kozhikode, Kerala

Research Scholars

Department of English

No Research Guide Research Scholars Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
1 Asha Muhammed Mr Basheer Kotta Cultural Imperialism, Middle Eastern Patriarchy: A Study into Representations of Gender in Fiction on the Middle East 5/7/2009 Awarded
2 Ms Rizwana Sultana K Filming the Texts: The Politics of Horror in Selected Texts and Films 5/7/2009 Submitted Thesis
3 Ms Aysha Swapna K A Multi-Ethnicity and Transculturalism Manifest in Select Works of Caryl Philips, Jamaica Kincaid and Khaled Hosseini 5/7/2009 Submitted Thesis
4 Mr Haris K Female mysticism in the works of Paulo Coehlo, Herman Hesse and Nikos Kazanzakis 4/26/2010 Preparing Final Thesis
5 T V Prakash Habeeb C Representation and Construction of the Visually Challenged in Selected Fiction 11/1/2012 Course work completed
6 Mufeeda T Same-Sex Pairing as a Device to Liberate the Unconscious: A Study of Oscar Wilde’s Creative Oeuvre 11/1/2012 Preparing for the Ph.D Preliminary Qualifying Examination
7 Sajitha M A Shibu B   The Evolution of the Idea of the Political Outsider in the Select Malayalam Films 11/1/2012 Ongoing
8 Arya Gopi The Other India: A Socio-Literary Analysis of Select Works of Mark Tully 11/1/2012 Ongoing
9 Shareefa Beegam P P Sexual Terrorism Reflected in Select Pakistani and Afghani  Fiction. 11/1/2012 Ongoing
10 Najda A Intellectual Activism of Muslim Women in Post-1990 Kerala-An Anlaysis of Gender Justice Reflected in the Works of Select Muslim Women Critics 11/1/2012 Ongoing
11 Sageera M Voice of the Voiceless: A Study on  Selected Afro-American and Dalit Autobiographies 5/2/2013 Ongoing
12 Linet Sebastian Salvaging The Past:A Study of the Historical Novels of Alex Rutherford and Indu Sundaresan. 5/2/2013 Ongoing
13 Abdul Shafeek Embodying the Body and the Being: A study on  select Science Fiction  of Margaret Atwood and Dorris Lessing presented the synopsis on 4 February 2016 before the doctoral committee- Awaiting the registration order  
14 Prathiba The Free Woman: A Feminist Study of the Turbulent Life of Aphra Behn and her Heroines Applied  
15 Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi Misha Jose Be(ing) Nobody’s Darling”: A Study of the Repression, Resurgence and Representation of Igbo Womanhood in the Select Novels of Flora Nwapa, Buchi Emecheta and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 01/07/2016 Course work in progress
16 Jinan T K Traumatic Subjectivity inSelect Nuclear Holocaust Discourses: A Critical Study  08/12/2015 Course work about to be completed
17 Mohammed Shafeeq Rapping a Dark Parable:A Comparative Study of the Select Lyrics of Eminem and the Poetry of Robert Frost and E. A. Poe. 4/2/2016 Course work in progress
18 Ms Hamna Mariyam Sartorial Dialectics: An Exploration into the Politics of Multidimensional Rendition of Clothing in Culture and Literature presented the synopsis on 4 February 2016 before the doctoral committee- Awaiting the registration order  
19 Zainul Abid Kotta Azmin C The Unwinding threads of Creativity: Exploring the ‘she language’ in the selected works of Anitha Nair, Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai 10/10/2014 Ongoing
20 Abdul Rasheed Epistomology of interactions : Space of Neurolinguistic Programming and Transaction Analysis in ELT 24/10/2014 Ongoing
21 Kabeerali P Hybridity of indianness: Unmasking the singularity of India as a nation in select Indian English narratives 24/10/2014 Ongoing
22 Shahina K Location as character: Fugitive voices in the selected Middle Eastern Women’s Writings 24/10/2014 Ongoing
23 Poornima R Redefining the fluid margins of gender. A study of the identities of Hijras and Trasgenders in selected Indian literatures and films. 24/10/2014 Ongoing
24 Aboobacker A Urban formations and the saturated selves: A study of selected works of Orhan Pamuk 24/10/2014 Ongoing


Department of Arabic

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
25 C P ABOOBACKER Haseena MK Development of modern Arabic literature in Saudi Arabic with special reference to Al Manhal Magazine. 7/7/2014 Ongoing
26 Sakkeena M.K The popular revolt against the colonial powers:An exploration into the role of malabar scholars as reflected in selected arabic literary works 11/1/2012 Ongoing
27 Jamshid P Contribution of Al – Arabi Magazine in the Development of Arabic Language and Literature 4/4/2012 Ongoing
28 Rafeeque M Sarwat Abaza Desouki and the Egyptian village life – a special study of his novels 4/9/2012 Ongoing
29 Shafeeq Rahman P The Parables and Similes of the Holy Quran and its impacts in the Arabic Literature with Special reference to thafseer “Al – Kashaf” 8/11/2010 Ongoing
30 N Abdul Jabbar Sageer Ali T P Socio Political Views in the Poetry of Abdulla Hasan Al – Bardooni. 8/11/2010 Ongoing
31 Ahammed Syed P Abdul Latheef KP The Literary Excellence of Holly Quran in the views of Modern Interpreters with a special reference to Sayyid Quthub and Saeed Hawa 8/11/2010 Ongoing
32 Jamaludheen K P Ayman shouqi Contribution of A’yid Al Qarni to Arabic Literature 11/1/2013 Ongoing
33 P Jubailiya Darul Uloom Nadwathul Ulama and its contributions to the Development of Arbic Literature. 5/2/2013 Ongoing
34 Sabique MK Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran 5/2/2013 Ongoing
35 Ali Akbar Contribution of the Sayings of Prophet in the Development of Psychology with special Reference to “Al- Sihah Al- Sithath” 8/10/2010 Ongoing
36 U Saidalavi Rajeena TK Social aspects in the short stories of Huda Naeemi 7/7/2014 Ongoing
37 Haseena Beegum The influence of gulf countries on Arabic learning in Kerala with special reference to Malabar 5/2/2013 Ongoing
38 Safiya Human Rights – a comparative study in Quran and contemporary world with special focus on women rights 11/1/2012 Ongoing
39 Mohammed Rafi C Faruqmawasi and his contributions to modern Arabic poetry 8/18/2010 Ongoing
40 Moideen Kutty K Influence on Communism on Arabic Poetry with Special reference to the poetic works of Abdul Wahhab al – Bayyathi 5/21/2009 Ongoing
41 C Saidalavi Khalid C T Social Reality in the works of Hanna Mina- An Analytical Study 7/7/2014 Ongoing
42 Ismail K Contemparary arabic poetry in OMAN with special reference to SAIF AL RAHBI-An analytical study 7/7/2014 Ongoing
43 Abdul Razaque Waiting for official order from the University 7/7/2014 Ongoing
44 ALI NOUFAL K  Safeena A K Socio political elements in the worksof LATIFA AL-ZAYYAT with special reference to the open door-An Islamic perspective 12/30/2014 Ongoing
45 Shafeeque P P Madrassa education and its contribution to arabic language and culture in Kerala 12/30/2014 Ongoing
46 Shabeerrali K K Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran with special reference to transactional analysis 10/10/2015 Ongoing
47 Ishaque K Emerging Trends and methods in teaching arabic language to the non arabic-A case study of institutions in malabar 12/16/2015 Ongoing
48 Nahas A H Rhetorical approaches of Aysha Abdul Rahman in the exegesis-A critical study 12/16/2015 Ongoing
49 Abdul Wahab K V Growth and development of Arabic Calligraphy and decorative scripts-A Historical and Aesthetic analysis 4/2/2016 Ongoing
50 Manzoorali P Development of children’s literature in arbic with special reference to the magazine “Al Arabi Al Sagheer’: A linguistic and Ideological analysis 4/2/2016 Ongoing
51 Najmal Babu K C The theory and Praxis of translating arabic novels into malayalam and in reverse: A critical perspective on selected texts. 12/16/2015 Ongoing


Department of History

No Research Guide Research Scholars Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
52 Muhammedali T Shamli. CK A Social History of Ship Building in Malabar ( 900 – 1900 CE)  11/21/2014 Ongoing
53 Hamza Thodengal Colonialism and Development: A study on the local self – bodies in Malabar 11/13/2013 Ongoing
54 Muhammed Sirajudin. K Arakkal Swaroopam: Matriliny, Trade and Politics ( 1723 – 1907) 2/11/2013 Ongoing
55 Kunhi Soopy M The Paradigms of society, culture and knowledge: an enquiry in to the epistemology of Ibn Khaldun 2/11/2013 Ongoing
56 Manmathan M R Udayakumar P Colonial Intervention and Transformation of Human Ecology: Tribal Life in Malabar, 1800-1947 19/08/2013 Ongoing
57 Abdul Gafoor P Pan Islamism among the Muslims of Malabar: Descent and Diffusion in the twentieth Century 21/01/2014 Ongoing

Department of Statisitcs

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
58 P Anilkumar T. Unnikrishnan Some contributions to the statistical methodology for extraction of hidden patterns in weather 11/1/2012 Ongoing
59 R. M. Juvairiyya Order Statistics and its applications 11/1/2012 Ongoing
60 Krishnarani S D Vidya V  P Non-Linear Time Series Models and their Applications 28/09/2015 Ongoing
61 Nitha U Some new asymmetric distributions and related time series models 23/09/2015 Ongoing


Department of Computer Science


No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
62 V Kabeer Silpa C Online Malayalam handwritten word recognition using directional features and artificial neural networks 04/09/2015 Ongoing
63   Sameer V V Computer recognition of Arabi Malayalam scripts 9/1/2015 Ongoing
64   Sainul Abideen N Study of photon based computing for improvement of the performance of computation process 7/4/2014 Ongoing
65 Haris U Computer-Aided detection and Diagnosis of breast cancer using texture analysis and pattern recognition methods in digital mammograms 4/2/2016 Ongoing
66 Abdul Haleem P P Mohammed Shameer M C A light weight reliable disconnected and distributed message transaction model in vireless mobile environment 8/20/2015


67   Fathima Kunhi Mohammed VK      
68   Bodhy Krishna      

Department of Chemistry

No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
68 Dr.A.K.Abdul Rahim Rajitha.V Metal Chelates of 1,3,5 Triaryl Formazans 7/21/2014 Ongoing
69 Rjagopalan.P.C Metal Chelates of some Formazan 11/1/2012 Ongoing
70 Deepa.DT Metal Chelates of 1,5-di hetero aryl-3-Phenyl formazans 2/14/2013 Ongoing


Department of Zoology


No Research Guide Research Scholar Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status
71 Habeebrehman Jaseela V An epidemiological and cytogenetic study of Down’s syndrome in the Malabar Region of Kerala 12/11/2015 Ongoing

Department of Physics

No Research Guides Research Scholars Topic of Research  Date of Commencement Current Status