Students Empowerment

Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA)
The Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA), New Delhi has selected Farook College for its activities for Excellence in 2002. Farook College is the only one in the State and one of the few in the country to receive the grant. The selection was based on a proposal submitted to the Foundation for addressing the issues of capacity building of the human inputs of the campus under the project “Pathway”. In addition to this, the FAEA is giving scholarships to selected students from the college

Remedial Coaching Centre for SC/ST Students

This is a recognized centre for supporting the SC/ST students in learning process. It is fully supported by the UGC, New Delhi and covers subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Accountancy, Business, Statistics and English.

Co-ordinator: C. Ummer

Pre-Examination Coaching Centre
Started under UGC aid in 1989, the Centre offers free coaching to eligible students of identified religious minorities for various professional entrance, competition and selection tests of the central, state and private agencies. Remedial coaching in core subjects for outstanding students is a noteworthy feature of the centre.