Vision & Mission


To mould competent and well-developed persons who can take up the challenges of the future on behalf of the community, the society, the nation and the world.


To provide all round development and training to generations of men and women who are competent to carry out various functions of nation-building, to equip them with value-based education and training, to empower them with positive qualities and qualifications, to promote research activities and social outreach activities, to provide leadership to persons and institutions for community-empowerment and to ensure excellence in education and related activities for a better nation and world.

The College strives to help every student:

  • To understand himself/herself and discover his/her latent capacities
  • To understand his/her position as a member of human society and of the physical universe
  • To think clearly and critically and communicate effectively
  • To learn how to make practical application of knowledge, attitudes and skills
  • To develop a sense of unity in all areas of knowledge including religious vision.
  • To make every effort for the all-round development of every student that enters its portals.