Viva English

VIVA- English is a forum constituted by the Department of English, which provides ample scope for the personal development of all students in the campus. VIVA, an Italian word means ‘long live’. Recognising English as a world language, VIVA aims to link the whole campus through a series of activities especially through the medium of English language. It provides ample space for entertainment and knowledge.



  •  To develop the self-confidence and power of self-expression. 
  • To hone up the skills of creative thinking and effective presentation. 
  •  To expose the students to the world of creativity. 
  • To provide opportunities to interact with eminent personalities.   

Each year VIVA- English carries out its activities through different clubs: Literary, Pen, Fine Arts, Music, Film and Radio. The decision on the number and types of clubs is taken in the first general meeting, usually held in the beginning of the academic year. There is a student Coordinator and Staff Coordinator for the smooth functioning of VIVA. Moreover, each club has student convenors. Many activities and competitions like Debate, Versification, Elocution, Poetry Recitation, Essay Writing, Story Writing, Film Review, Book Review, Drama, Music and Quiz are organised. This year (2008-09) VIVA has three clubs: Literary, Fine Arts and a new club: Nature Club, which undertakes the task of cleaning, planting and beautifying the campus.