Women’s Cell

A Women’s Cell is functioning in the college to sort out problems of women facing in the society and in campus in particular. The Cell aims at addressing the gender related problems in the campus and organizing programmes on gender sensitivity. Other aims and objectives include giving career guidance to girls, functioning of a counselling centre, conducting health awareness classes, arranging classes about community living, conducting seminars on issues related to gender and associating with National organizations like Human Resource Department and Centres for Women’s Studies attached to different Universities.

Director: Dr. Lakshmi Pradeep, Assistant Professor, Department of Malayalam


2017 – 18


1) A meeting was held on 12 November 2008, in which Smt. Devi, Member of Kerala Women’s Commission and Dr. Molly Kuruvila, Director, Department of Women’s Studies, Calicut University took part. Documentary films related to the empowerment of women were shown to the students 2) A talk by noted Israeli Human Rights Activist and author Susan Nathan was organized on 30th January 2008.. She spoke on the extent of the tremendous denial inside Israel. “The present turmoil of ethnic cleansing has brought mixed reactions. Only 1% of the Jews admit openly as to the brutality of the attacks. The others of civil society either don’t react or support the carnage. The infighting in the Middle East, the term of the Bush regime didn’t help alleviate the crisis”, Susan opined.