Walk With a Scholar (WWS) Porgamme

Walk with a Scholar (WWS) scheme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programmes for students in Under Graduate Programmes in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidelines for their future career. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a “Guide and Friend”.

The Government of Kerala had launched the Walk with a Scholar (WWS) Programme in the Govt. Arts and Science Colleges during 2012-13 and extended to Aided Arts and Science Colleges in 2014-15. 2018-19 Academic Year onwards Directorate of Collegiate Education is implementing the programme. The programme for 2019-20 is to be completed by 31st March 2020 as per the guidelines in this regard.

Co-ordinator: P.K. Shameem (Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce)


  1. Applications Invited from 1 Semester UG Students for Selection as Trainees of Scholar Support Programme (SSP) (Please click on the news item to see the details)
  2. Applications are Invited from 1st Semester UG Students to Become Mentees of Walk With a Scholar (WWS) Programme (Please click on the news item to see the details)